‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Turns To Franco, Finn And Obrecht Battle, And Heather Reaches Out To Naomi

General Hospital spoilers detail that another wild episode is on the way on Wednesday. Elizabeth has received a package with Nikolas’ diamonds in them, and she is a bit flustered over what she should do with them. Rachel is trying to figure out what comes next for her after Nikolas’ supposed death, and the August 24 show has action related to Naomi, Finn, and Lulu as well.

As viewers saw on Tuesday’s show, Elizabeth opened a mysterious package and discovered that it contained some of Nikolas’ belongings. Ava happened to be there and angled to take the boot with her, but Liz found the diamonds and obviously held onto them herself. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz will visit Franco and seemingly ask him for some advice on what to do next.

According to We Love Soaps, Naomi will be in the mix of the action again during this next show and will be getting a phone call from Heather. She doesn’t seem particularly happy to hear from Heather, however, and it sounds as if fans can expect to see some fun banter between these two women.

Heather holds the cards for a big secret Naomi wants to keep under wraps, and fans are anxious to see this play out. It is seeming quite clear that Elizabeth and Rachel are going to turn out to be sisters and that Heather helped cover this up. What will Heather want from Naomi this time?

Rachel was stunned to hear from Naomi that she is not the trustee of Nikolas’ estate, and she tried to intervene when Laura voiced the idea of sending Spencer away to boarding school. Rachel is trying to figure out how to stay in control of things at Wyndemere in the wake of Nikolas’ supposed death, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. General Hospital spoilers note that she will see the belongings that just arrived, and this may prompt some emotional moments for her.


Tensions remain quite high between Finn and Obrecht, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will find her snooping through his research. Finn blasts her for poking around, but chances are that Obrecht will not feel too flustered by his frustrations. Wednesday’s episode also brings some moments with Lulu and Dante, SheKnows Soaps shares, as they excitedly talk about the pregnancy they are hoping to pursue.

Kristina and Alexis have been butting heads for a while now over Parker, but General Hospital spoilers share that Molly will try to smooth things over between her sister and her mother. Molly tells Kristina that it is time to make peace, but it looks like Kristina shares quite the stink eye when she sees her mother nearby. Will the tensions between them continue or will they manage to reconnect?


As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers detail that Elizabeth will have trouble handling a major decision, surely regarding what to do about the diamonds, and Rachel receives more troubling news. Kristina and Alexis seemingly start to patch things up, and everybody will see Nelle and Carly bond further. Fans have a feeling that there is a bombshell on the way regarding Nelle’s connection to Carly and Port Charles, and while it may take a while to play out, it is shaping up to be a juicy storyline.

This week brings more with Andre and Jordan, as well as some time between Laura and Kevin. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the next few episodes will bring major chaos as there is a blackout at GH, Elizabeth finds herself in a dangerous situation, and the “Angel of Mercy” killer is revealed. Fans will not want to miss a minute of the action ahead as the drama plays out throughout Port Charles.

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