‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Will Carly Waddell Finally Get Engaged?

Finding a love to last forever has been hard for Bachelor alumni Carly Waddell. Carly is now on her second go at appearing on the hit summer program, Bachelor in Paradise. All her fans are beginning to wonder if Waddell will once again leave alone or if she will finally find a love that sticks and get her happily ever after. Carly, along with everyone else, is hoping for the latter. So the question remains, will Waddell get a marriage proposal in the season finale?

Waddell has always had a good sense of humor and a positive attitude about her dating experiences on and off the show. While many contestants have not been very secretive about the outcome of the 2016 season, Waddell has been keeping her fans guessing. Carly took to Instagram when the season premiered and shared a photo of the cast. Waddell captioned the picture by saying perhaps the second time would be a charm for her, while also asking fans if she is just “a glutton for punishment.”

Carly has been back and forth all season deciding if she does or does not have feelings for fellow cast mate Evan Bass. The two seemed to hit it off in the beginning, but then after sharing a kiss, Carly decided she did not like him as much as she wanted to. Waddell and Bass were sent on a date to break the world record for the hottest kiss. By hot, they meant habanero pepper hot! Carly and Evan were told to eat the pepper and then see how long they could kiss. Carly vomited after the experience and revealed on camera it wasn’t just the pepper making her feel ill. Waddell shared the kiss was horrible.


Evan was a good sport about it all and joked via Twitter the night the episode aired. Carly dumped him after the date, but he still ended up getting a rose from her. At this point, fans were slightly confused. Spoilers shared by Reality Steve revealed that Waddell and Bass are a couple, and the two would indeed become engaged at the end of the season. What happened that would make Carly change her mind about Evan?

Carly would keep insisting her and Evan were just friends until one night he became ill after an evening of drinking. Waddell rushed in and stayed by his side to make sure he was okay. Strangely enough, Bass ended up sick again, and this time the medical staff on site insisted he take a trip to a local hospital to get checked out. Carly went with him, and the two started to rekindle their relationship.

Carly and Evan began to reconnect, and she realized that she liked him a little more than she cared to admit. It has been shared that Bass was perhaps fabricating his illness to try and win Carly over. Do you think this was his plan or was he just joking around about the situation?


According to Reality Steve, the two will choose to go on an overnight date, and Evan will propose to Carly at the end. While there have not been many slips about the current status of their relationship, Waddell did share an Instagram photo of herself in a kitchen that appears to identically match a picture of Evan’s kitchen he previously shared.

It looks like the third time appearing on the franchise might be the lucky charm for Carly. Waddell first had her heart broken by Bachelor Chris Soules. She then took the plunge and joined season two of Bachelor in Paradise. Carly fell hard for Kirk DeWindt. He too broke her heart, and Waddell left paradise shattered. Staying positive and not giving up, Carly decided to try one more time, and it looks like it’s a good thing she did.

Fans can watch their relationship flourish Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. Carly and Evan look adorable together, and both definitely deserve to find love and happiness. Time will tell if the two can make it work in the real world. They both reside in the Nashville area, which will make it easier for the couple to see each other.

Do you think Waddell and Bass make a good couple and will stay together? The season finale of Bachelor in Paradise is scheduled to air September 6.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Leisure Opportunities]