5 K-Pop Idols Who Look Like Beautiful Girls When They Crossdress

Since the early 90s, K-pop music has become one of the biggest genres of music to be accepted around the world. Because of Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, which was Korea’s movement to expand Korean culture outside of their country, many people have heard of and are fans of K-pop acts like EXO, BTS, and Girls’ Generation. As a testament to how big K-pop has become, one needs to look at YG Entertainment’s new K-pop girl group Black Pink. Within one week, Black Pink’s music videos on YouTube have been watched over 26 million times. Not only that, their song “Whistle” was played during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Despite K-pop’s popularity and innovative direction, there are certain points they are conservative on. South Korea is primarily a Christian country and still has strong views towards the LGBT movement. Yet, there are tolerable acts that insinuate LGBT to the point before it is considered LGBT. Skinship among K-pop idols of the same gender is a big thing, especially during live shows.

However, the biggest act K-pop idols partake in that surely appeals to the pro-LGBT crowd is crossdressing. It is often argued that certain male K-pop idols look so beautiful and feminine that they can pass off as “cute girls.” With that in mind, here are five male K-pop idols who do exactly that when they crossdress.

1. Heechul of Super Junior

Heechul, SM Entertainment, Mr. Simple, Super Junior
Heechul in the Super Junior music video for "Mr. Simple." [Image via SM Entertainment]

To be fair, Kim Hee Chul — better known simply as Heechul — is probably the least feminine-looking of the cross dressers, especially now that he is older, but he is one of the first male K-pop idols to really utilize it as part of his image. Heechul is a member of Super Junior, a veteran boy group created by SM Entertainment during a time when K-pop was just starting to get recognized outside of Asia, so he may not be as popular as current K-pop boy groups simply due to age.

As for Heechul’s crossdressing, he has crossdressed as numerous female characters or celebrities. Two of his more popular cross dresses were Elsa and Anna, the Queen and Princess of Arendale from the Disney animated classic Frozen. However, Heechul’s most popular cross dress has to be when he crossdressed as Lady Gaga during one of Super Junior’s world tours in which they had shows in the United States.

2. Taemin of Shinee

Taemin, SM Entertainment, Lucifer, Shinee
Taemin in the Shinee music video "Lucifer." [Image via SM Entertainment]

Also considered an idol from a veteran K-pop group on this list, Lee Tae Min — better known simply as Taemin — is probably one of the first male K-pop idols to actually be confused for as a girl whenever he crossdresses. Being that he is a member of Shinee, a group who is also signed to SM Entertainment, he could have gotten some crossdressing advice from Heechul too.

Nevertheless, Taemin is known for looking like a cute schoolgirl whenever he crossdresses in a schoolgirl outfit. Shinee will often have Taemin dress the part of a girl during live shows whenever the other members do a cover of a love ballad.

3. Kevin of U-KISS

Kevin, U-KISS, NH Media, Neverland
Kevin in the U-KISS music video for "Neverland." [Image via NH Media]

Kevin Woo — simply known as Kevin — is a member of the K-pop group U-KISS of NH Media. He technically does not have many instances of crossdressing, but what he is famous for doing is crossdressing and actually looking like Jessica Jung, the former K-pop idol and member of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls’ Generation.

One of the most memorable moments in Kevin’s crossdressing as Jessica was when he imitated her while Jessica herself was nearby. Needless to say, Jessica was overly embarrassed that someone would be able to pull her off so well, especially Jessica’s signature wink.

4. Sungjong of Infinite

Sungjong, Woolim Entertainment, Infinite
Sungjong in the Infinite music video for "Back." [Image via Woolim Entertainment]

Lee Sung Jong — better known as Sungjong — is one of the members of K-pop idol group Infinite created under Woolim Entertainment. Just like Kevin Woo above, he is not known for crossdressing a lot, but he does have one memorable crossdressing event.

Along with Dongho and Dongjun, Sungjong (in pink) did a crossdressing performance of “Magic Girl” by Orange Caramel. They called themselves Milk Caramel and renamed the song “Magic Boy.”

5. Ren of NU’EST

Ren, Pledis Entertainment, NU'EST
Ren in NU'EST music video for "Face." [Image via Pledis Entertainment]

Now we are getting into the territory in which the male K-pop idols really, really, really look like beautiful girls when they crossdress. Choi Minki — better known by his K-pop idol name Ren — is one of the members of NU’EST formed under Pledis Entertainment.

When it comes to him crossdressing, Ren is best known for doing so for Boys’ Day, the gender-bending version of Girls’ Day. They both performed Girls’ Day’s hit song “Something” on Music Core. Ren is prominently displayed at 2:16. And just so it is known, Ren is the one male performer most people could not tell was a guy because his figure was so close to a woman’s figure while he wore the dress.

The five mentioned above are only mentioned because they made a major impact with their crossdressing in one way or the other. There are definitely more male K-pop idols who have crossdressed simply because it is a major part of K-pop these days. Is there anyone who probably made a bigger impact in K-pop crossdressing than the five above? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via SBS]