‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Cristina & Izzie Returning?

Grey’s Anatomy fans are counting down the days until Season 13 begins airing later this fall. It seems that even though the series has been on TV for over a decade, loyal viewers are still loving every minute of the drama that goes down at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and this year should be no different. Rumors have already started circulating that some major characters could shockingly return in Season 13, and fans are in a frenzy about the possibilities.

According to Parent Herald, it has been revealed that the original Grey’s Anatomy cast members will be the central focus of Season 13. This could mean that all eyes will be on Meredith and Alex as fans continue to buzz about a possible romance for the pair of friends, or that Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Richard Webber will find themselves in some interesting situations this year.

However, the report goes on to reveal that for the show to really focus on the original cast members that some familiar faces would have to return to the series. Characters such as Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, and Preston Burke could all return for some cameos, or for good.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith and Cristina reunion in Season 13?
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As many Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Meredith Grey was crushed when her best friend, Cristina Yang, decided to move out of the country to pursue her career dreams. Cristina, who is often mentioned in the series, has yet to make a return to Seattle since the character left at the end of Season 10. Could this year finally be the year when fans see a Meredith and Cristina reunion go down?

Meanwhile, Izzie Stevens has been one of the most talked about characters on Grey’s Anatomy. Izzie always had an interesting storyline as she was the doctor that really cared, and drew emotional attachments to her patients. She even fell in love with a patient and got engaged to him. Unfortunately, he died, and she found comfort in the arms of Alex. Izzie and Alex got married, but the character was written off the series when actress Katherine Heigl couldn’t seem to get along with the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes. She hasn’t been seen since her exit, but it doesn’t seem likely that she would return due to the bad blood that seems to still exist.

Another character who could possibly make a cameo is Dr. Preston Burke. However, his story is so linked to Cristina’s that it doesn’t make much sense to bring him back without her in the scenario. In Season 10, when Cristina agreed to move abroad and take over Burke’s work, it seemed like the end of his story, and unlikely that he would be making a comeback to the medical drama.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith and Alex together in Season 13?
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While many faces have come and gone over the years on Grey’s Anatomy, including main character Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey, Meredith has been the one constant. It seems that Season 13 will focus on her life as she continues to learn to live without Derek, and possibly falls in love all over again.

The big question will be will Meredith fall in love with hunky new doctor Nathan Riggs, or will she see her best friend, Alex, in a new light? Grey’s Anatomy is forever stunning fans with storylines, so anything is possible for Meredith’s future. However, one thing is clear, Cristina’s absence continues to be felt on the show, and bringing her back would certainly open the doors to many new storylines, especially where her ex-husband, Owen Hunt, is concerned.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers and rumors? Do you think any of the original characters should return to the TV show in Season 13?

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