‘Outlander’ Season 3 Rumors: Premiere Date Released, ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Confirmed?

With filming officially under way, the Outlander Season 3 rumors are reaching a fever pitch. Fans are eagerly anticipating the end of the so-called #Droughtlander, and it seems as though there’s a new rumor being confirmed — or denied — every other day. But do we actually know the date that the #Droughtlander will officially be over?

According to Hall Of Fame Magazine, the season premiere may happen sooner than we all think! The latest set of Outlander Season 3 rumors have all but confirmed that the show will premiere much earlier in 2017 than April, in part due to the outstanding popularity of the show. This means that the cast, and the crew, will have to work at a near-break neck speed in order to get the debut out for a February (as opposed to an April) 2017 release, but they all seem up for the task. The show’s main stars — Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser; Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser; and Tobias Menzies, who plays Frank & Black Jack Randall — have all been giving their fans and followers sneak peeks of shooting on their respective social media accounts, as have many of the show’s crew.

However, while no definite date for Outlander‘s Season 3 premiere has been set as of yet, fans are eagerly anticipating the historical drama’s successful return.

Other Outlander Season 3 rumors that are coming from the Internet involve the casting of Lord John Grey. This pivotal character in the series is going to be one of the most important ones to cast, and rumors have been abounding on who will play the all-too-important role (who also has his own series of fan fiction, which has to be read to be believed… no, seriously.). Every Hollywood hunk, from Tom “Loki” Hiddleston to Tom “Draco Malfoy” Helton — has been rumored to get the role, but the latest rumors from Parent Herald suggest that former Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam — better known as Jax Teller to fans of the great FX show — is up for the role of the man who will fall deeply, and unrequitedly, in love with Jamie Fraser. While this seems like a good possibility, and a fine enough casting choice, no official word about who will play the much-beloved character has come from the Starz production team. Still, it should be interesting to see Hunnam expand his acting repertoire and play a character that goes against his “type.”

Finally, for those of you who can’t get enough of Outlander Season 3 rumors — and who have a few extra thousand dollars laying around for just this sort of thing — The Daily Record has the perfect event for you: ScotCon! Everyone loves a good Comic Con — even the Scots — and what better way to combine people’s love for Outlander and for comics than to host the first-ever ScotCon? Many members of the Outlander cast — including Graham McTavish, who played Dougal MacKenzie — will be making an appearance at the event, and there’s even talk of (calm yourselves, ladies…and some gents…) Sam Heughan himself stopping by to say hello! But most of all, this event — which will be held at the interestingly-named Edinburgh Corn Exchange — will be a celebration and appreciation of all things Scottish, not just Outlander. One of the events that sounds most interesting is the so-called “Battle of the Clans Musical Showdown,” which will be judged by Outlander cast members. For those who are interested in more academic pursuits, Adhamh O Broin — the show’s Gaelic consultant — will be on hand to teach you all about the intriguing language. Tickets are still available for the event!

What do you think of this latest round of Outlander Season 3 rumors? We’ll keep you apprised of all Outlander Season 3 rumors as they become known to us — stay tuned to this space!

[Image via Starz]