NBA Rumors: John Wall And Bradley Beal Feud On Court, Trying To Get Along For Washington Wizards

NBA players do not always get along. According to NBC Sports, John Wall and Bradley Beal feud when they are on the court together. The starting back court for the Washington Wizards do not always agree on how the team should be playing. Wall has stated that they are working things out.

It is rare to see NBA players admit that there are personality conflicts between teammates. They are usually taught to keep things within the confines of the locker room. It is usually best not to give fodder to the media because it creates unnecessary distractions for everyone involved.

John Wall was selected by the Washington Wizards with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft in 2010. The former Kentucky Wildcats star was heavily hyped, so the team believed that they were finally getting themselves a franchise player. Wall has been an All Star three times and is still improving.


In 2012, the Washington Wizards chose Bradley Beal with the third overall pick in the NBA Draft. He was right behind Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans and Michael Kidd Gilchrist of the Charlotte Hornets. Beal was viewed as the perfect complement to John Wall in the back court.

It is interesting to note that John Wall and Bradley Beal have been together for four seasons now. That can seem like an eternity in the NBA, where players move around every single year. If Wall and Beal have yet to develop chemistry after that much time, one has to wonder if it will ever happen.

Garrett Temple and Alan Anderson played a big part in keeping the peace between John Wall and Bradley Beal. Temple is now with the Sacramento Kings, while Anderson signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. It will be interesting to see how Wall and Beal react to their absence.

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal Bradley Beal [Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]For professional athletes, contracts are indicative of their stature on a team. NFL and NBA players routinely try to become paid more than another player at the same position whom they view as their peers. That sometimes happens within the same franchise, as evident by the situation between Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett.

The Washington Wizards are paying big bucks to their starting back court. John Wall was signed to a contract worth approximately $80 million back in 2013, as reported by ESPN. Over the summer, Bradley Beal received a contract worth approximately $128 million, as reported by SB Nation.

To many in the NBA, John Wall is currently the superior player to Bradley Beal. Wall himself believes that because he has publicly stated that he is the leader of the Washington Wizards. Wall also called Beal his sidekick, which is something that might not sit well with the shooting guard who calls himself an alpha male.

Washington Wizards coach Scott Brooks Scott Brooks [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]It is human nature to be jealous of others. John Wall has already mentioned that Bradley Beal has finally received his money, so he needs to focus on becoming a much better player so that the Washington Wizards can have a better chance at contending.

John Wall becomes a free agent in 2019. He more than likely will want the Washington Wizards to pay him more than Bradley Beal. In order to maintain leverage in negotiations, Wall is going to want to ensure that he puts up numbers that are much better than Beal, which might be a detriment to the team goals of the Wizards.

For years, John Wall and Bradley Beal have underachieved as a tandem. The Washington Wizards were supposed to be much better than they have been. NBA fans now know for sure that it is because the two of them cannot get on the same page.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]