‘Suicide Squad’ Cast On Batman’s Post-Credit Scene And Deleted Movie Content: Margot Robbie And Others Offer All The Need-To-Know Info, Plus What The Scene Could Mean For A Sequel And A First Look At Justice League

Suicide Squad has taken the box office by storm, but you’d be forgiven if the end credit scene still has you scratching your head. While parts of the scene were no great mystery, some of it was pretty open-ended. In that scene, We see Amanda Waller, who formed the gang of n’er do wells in the first place, at a diner talking to Bruce Wayne. Waller hints several times throughout the interaction that she knows (or at least suspects) Bruce is secretly Batman.

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Before he leaves, Wayne threatens Waller and basically orders her to shut down her little project (codenamed “Taskforce X”) or he and his “friends” will. Ouch! Sounds like the tension is already pretty high for a possible sequel. Additionally, Jared Leto (Joker) told Screen Rant that there is enough deleted material from the original movie to warrant an entire DVD by itself. The way the post-credit scene went, DC seemingly wants us to think a sequel is a possibility.

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In the beginning of the movie, Amanda Waller convinced the U.S. military to take on the (very) risky idea of forming the squad by demonstrating the powers of one Dr. June Moone, AKA Enchantress. She argues, probably correctly, that metahumans are the “weapons” of future wars, and the army will need to fight fire with fire. Not a bad idea on paper, but as Time will tell you, the ragtag group of villains ends up wreaking havoc on Midway City. This, of course, puts Amanda in a bad position, especially with the Dark Knight now breathing down her neck.

So, what is a disgraced Special Agent to do? Enter the post-credit scene. Waller makes a deal with The Bat in Black in which she offers to deliver the goods on several metahumans, including AquaMan and Wonder Woman.

Comicbook mentions that the extra scene was meant to bridge the stories between that movie and the upcoming Justice League #1. If you’ve followed the D.C. Universe long enough, you’ll know that Wonder Woman and Aquaman are, in fact, Justice League members. Does Waller know she is handing Batman information on his colleagues? Maybe this is a subtle way of trying to force him to play nice with Task Force X or help her clean up her mess?

If not a direct sequel, we might see a Suicide Squad spin-off. Reports have surfaced that both Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) and Jared Leto (Joker) would be interested in a spin-off where their characters explore their relationship more in-depth.

Given the work that both actors put into their characters, this isn’t entirely unlikely. Leto and Robbie’s performances make it clear that there is much more of their characters’ respective psyches to explore, and that the first Squad movie only scratches the surface. Robbie hinted at this during an interview with the Independent.

“…There was so much of our backstory [but] they probably realized that the emotional through-line of the story had to be the mission we were on.”

Based on the post-credit scene in Suicide Squad, we will probably see a Suicide Squad/Justice League crossover when Justice League comes out in 2017. The IMDB description for the upcoming movie reveals that Jared Leto will appear, though for now his role is given only as “Joker (Rumored).”

Suicide Squad Cast Justice League
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Oddly enough, none of the other Suicide Squad characters are listed on the cast page. The Joker was one of the only characters to come out of the events of Suicide Squad unscathed, so perhaps he’ll be leaving the rest of his old squad behind. This would leave some plot holes in the DC universe, though, since Joker broke Harley out of prison at the end of Suicide Squad proper.

Word on the street is that David Ayer would return as director for Suicide Squad 2 if it were to happen. Ayer also wrote Suicide Squad according to his IMDB page, so it’s likely he could write the second movie as well. The brilliant/slightly insane director notoriously had his cast do things like listening to tapes of real-life cannibals, fighting one another, and overcoming insane training obstacles, presumably to prepare them to play psychotic characters. Jared Leto described coming to the set in a simple yet twisted way: “It was hell…and I loved every minute of it.”

Let us know what your take on the extra scene is. Do you think it hints at a possible crossover between Suicide Squad and Justice League?

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