Simone Biles’ Bikini Body: How She Gets Her Killer Physique

Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles has been showing off her incredible physique in Rio. She had a much-deserved beach day with her teammates Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian on Saturday, August 20.

According to a report via Us Weekly, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, and Madison Kocian took to Instagram to show off their incredible abs and toned bodies. The threesome is seen flaunting their strong bodies in bikinis on the beach.

Biles, 19, who won four gold medals and a bronze at the Olympics, took to the social media app to share a photo alongside Raisman, 22, and Kocian, 19. The three young ladies finally got to relax and have some fun after winning their medals. But, they didn’t just soak up the sun and take photos. Biles and Kocian were seen jumping around the beach and making footprints in the sand.

Then, the athlete got a piggyback ride from British gymnast Brinn Evan, who shared the same photo on Instagram, writing in the caption, “Everyday be pool day.” Talk about squad and fitness goals.

It’s no secret that gymnastics is what keeps Biles in shape. She also has a clean diet that includes a bowl of Special K Red Berries and egg whites each morning, according to Essence. But, she recently celebrated her latest win with a slice of pizza. In an interview with ABC News, Biles revealed that she couldn’t give up her love for pizza.

“It doesn’t even matter if I don’t win a self-gold, after every meet I have pizza. Pepperoni pizza,” she told the news outlet.

However, she can’t eat like that all the time. While Biles has to maintain her healthy diet, she’s not going to count every calorie. Aimee Boorman, Biles’ coach, revealed to the New Yorker that she’s never told Biles what to eat. Biles knows that when she goes off track, her body feels it.

“She knows that if she doesn’t eat well, she doesn’t feel good,” Boorman added.

Contributor Reeves Wiedeman of the New Yorker noted in his May profile of Biles that during his dinner with her, she had a “very large pork chop stuffed with dirty rice” and a Fanta. He also pointed out that health issues and eating disorders relating to body images issues run rampant in the world of gymnastics. Biles, who stands tall at 4’8,” makes sure that she doesn’t succumb to those impossible beauty standards. It’s also earned her title of “small but powerful.”

The petite gymnast also recently revealed to Women’s Health what her day-to-day diet and fitness regimen looks like. And, surprisingly, it’s very easy for her fans to follow.

“I make breakfast, which is usually Kellogg’s Red Berries or egg whites, and then I go to the gym that’s only ten minutes away. I have practice from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and then I drive home and eat lunch, which is either chicken or fish so I get the protein.”

Biles also makes sure that she grabs a “quick snack” before heading to the gym for some strength training.

“Pre-workout, I love drinking Core Power; it’s a recovery drink. And then a banana and peanut butter, because bananas have potassium, which helps with muscle cramps. And then afterwards, I like having a good fish, like salmon, and rice, and carrots.”

She will do a combination of cross-training and strength-training to achieve her strong and toned physique. Biles will even sometimes bike or run a mile before a gymnastics meet, but she would rather do cross-training. Although Biles clearly works out her abs, she says that she doesn’t like doing ab workouts including “strength conditioning.” Whatever she’s doing, it’s clearly working!

[Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]