Bridget Carlisle: Tennessee Mom Arrested For Allegedly Consuming Cocaine While Her Toddler Was Pinned Between Bed And Wall

Police officials in Nashville, Tennessee have arrested a woman for child neglect and other related charges after one of her babies was found pinned between a bad and a wall as she allegedly sniffed cocaine. According to a report by ABC 7 affiliate WJLA News, the woman, later identified as 33-year-old Bridget Carlisle, was allegedly found tweaking even as one of her babies was trapped. Another child was also found in another room standing inside a crib. The baby that was trapped between a bed and the wall was screaming for help when police arrived.

Initial reports stated that the incident happened on Monday after Carlisle asked a man staying in the house above her for some gas. According to the man, who is now also a witness, Carlisle appeared “to be in panic” when she asked him for some gas. Since the neighbor had to go out at that time, he promised he would help once he returned.

By the time he returned nearly 40 minutes later, he found Carlisle lying unresponsive on the patio. He said he made multiple attempts to wake her up by honking and knocking on the door. However, the heavily intoxicated woman did not wake up. In the end, the neighbor was left with no other option but to call the police.

A few minutes after the phone call was made from the neighbor’s office, police officials from the Nashville Police Department reached the home. There, they sound that that the glass door on the patio was left ajar. They also spent more than 15 minutes continuously loudly knocking the door in a vain attempt to wake the woman up. There was, however, no response from her.

Around the same time, some of the officers could hear the sound of a young baby screaming. In a report submitted by the police, they described the sound as that of a child that “was not being tended to.” After hearing the cries of the child in distress, police officers decided against wasting any more time and entered the home.

Inside one of the bedrooms, the officers found the screaming baby. The baby, whose age has not been revealed, was found “on the floor, pinned between the bed and the wall,” according to the police report. The report adds that it appeared to the officers that the baby had rolled off the bed and was trapped between the bed and a wall and could not move around. Officers quickly helped the baby and started comforting him. At around the same time, they heard the sound of another child from the same home, but from another room. Upon investigation, they found another child standing helplessly inside a crib.

As for Carlisle herself, she was found lying face-down on her bed. Officers then tried waking her up by shaking her, and once she did, her behavior indicated signs of possible drug use. Carlisle, according to the police, also showed signs of tweaking. Her body was jerking, and she appeared panicky and scattered, officials wrote in a report. When questioned, Carlisle told officers that she had consumed alcohol in the morning. She also said she had used cocaine. Following this revelation, officers searched her home and recovered a crack pipe and pipe pusher in her purse.

Following the incident, Bridget Carlisle was arrested by the officials. She has been charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, aggravated child neglect, and attempted aggravated child neglect. This latest incident of a mother allegedly showing complete apathy and irresponsible behavior is unfortunately only one among several such instances being reported from across the U.S recently.

The Inquisitr reported about one such case just a few days ago.

[Image Via Metro Nashville Police]