Cisco Acquires ThinkSmart Technologies

Cisco has completed the acquisition of ThinkSmart Technologies. Cisco announced the acquisition on its official company blog on Wednesday afternoon. Financials for the deal have not yet been revealed.

ThinkSmart Technologies will give Cisco access to a wealth of analytics information on movement within a venue, comparing activity levels across a day, measuring traffic patterns, and determining how long a user remains in a particular area.

ThinkSmart after gathering information sells it to businesses so they can gain a better understanding of their customers experiences.

Venue operators have found the information invaluable for operational expenditures. For example venue operators use the collected data to determine staffing levels and to optimize customer flows and business processes to maximize customer satisfaction and profit.

ThinkSmart Technologies was formed at the Incubation Centre of University College Cork.

Cisco plans to close out the acquisition Q1 2013.

Cisco has been on an acquisition tear of late, the company in July purchased Virtuata, a company that is allowing Cisco to increase its cloud security portfolio.

According to Electronista:

“This newest buy allows the company to expand and differentiate its offerings with regard to networking infrastructure.”

Do you think Cisco’s purchase of ThinkSmart Technologies will benefit the software/hardware firm in the future?