PS4 Slim Vs Xbox One S: Will Sony Need To Do More To Compete With 4K Console?

PS4 Slim vs. Xbox One S could be the next step up in the console wars, but it’s still too early to know for sure. We only know for now that Sony appears to be copying Microsoft’s strategy of releasing a slimmer console while they hold back the one whose specifications we still don’t know.

On that note, Xbox may have spilled too many details too soon. Sony had merely confirmed that the upcoming console codenamed “Neo” (for the mode which will allow older games to be up-converted to 4K, or increase performance to a higher frame rate), but they haven’t given any details about what’s going into the console physically.

Sony still appears to be keeping mum on the details as the PS4 Slim vs. Xbox One S wars will continue to improve on their older versions. The secrets are so well-kept that a YouTube tech blogger showed off a PS4 Slim and then had his video taken down for copyright reasons, according to Digital Trends. This could mean that there are some tricks beneath the dashboard which Sony is sneaking in to compete with Microsoft’s new 4K gaming machine.

The PlayStation 4 Slim might even have 4K capabilities built in, but it doesn’t sound likely. So far all we know is that the console will be slimmer, and the controller appears to have undergone minor tweaks. The first and most noticeable of these tweaks is the light which now shows through a transparent portion of the touch pad, apparently replacing the same light on the console itself, says the Verge.

Considering that the original colored controller light was allegedly responsible for the battery draining so quickly on the original controller, it might be a good idea just to leave it plugged into a power source. Also, much like the original PlayStation controller, the buttons now have a slightly lighter shade of gray to them.

A possible last-minute tweak which might please more Sony fans in the upcoming PS4 Slim vs. Xbox One S console war would be reducing the size of the touch pad and giving the Share and Options buttons less of a “by the way” feel. Aside from first-party titles, almost no games require the touch pad functionality anyway.

The Xbox One S controller might not have been given much of an upgrade, and rumor has it that the batteries it will use are the AA variety instead of the rechargeable one, leading to an added continual expense for owners. This could give Sony a slight edge in the PS4 Slim vs. Xbox One S console war.

Very little is known about what’s under the hood of either of Sony’s upcoming upgrades to the PlayStation 4, and that could be due to them secretly adding upgrades to make it surpass the Xbox One Scorpio next year.

At the very least, the PlayStation 4 Slim could simply show a size difference, but that would show a lack of competitiveness on Sony’s part. The company has already stated that PlayStation is its most profitable source of income, and with repeated failures from Sony Pictures like the new Ghostbusters, it may very well be true. The leak that Mary Jane in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming might be black could easily anger a lot of comic book purists as well.

Sony needs to keep its competitive edge in the upcoming PS4 Slim vs. Xbox One S console war, and not offering at least something equivalent could be a sign that they need to step up their game with the “Neo.”

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