Steve Irwin’s Son Follows In Dad’s Footsteps

Steve Irwin's Son Handles Crocodile In New Photo

Steve Irwin‘s son is taking after his dad’s legacy as the Crocodile Hunter, according to the latest picture of him handling one of the scaly reptiles and appearing at home with the creature.

Irwin’s eight-year-old son, Robert “Bob” Irwin, has begun his collection of scaly reptiles that most people have the tendency to stay away from, reports Enstarz.

New photos of the eight-year-old show him handling the crocodile at the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Australia, looking like a spitting image of his father. Bob Irwin even sports the same unruly mop of blonde hair that the Crocodile Hunter was famous for.

The new picture isn’t the first evidence that points to Bob’s love for reptiles, as he appeared along with his mother, Terri, and sister Bindi on The Oprah Winfrey Show when the talk show host appeared in Australia during a series of episodes in the show’s final season.

Bob appeared on the show and showed Oprah a snake he was handling, saying, “He’s called a Woma. Their Latin name is aspidites ramsayi.”

Zimbio notes that, despite her husband’s death, Terri Irwin is still active with animals and appears to be encouraging her children to go into the family business.

Her husband passed away after he was pierced in the chest by a stingray spine. He was filming a documentary at the time, but the footage was reportedly destroyed by Terri.

The Irwin family operates the Australia Zoo, where the pictures of Bob Irwin and the crocodile were taken. Bindi even told Oprah that the family lives in the middle of the 1,500 acre grounds. She stated, “We literally live in the middle of the zoo. It’s fantastic. Every day’s a new adventure.”

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