Lizzie Rovsek Supports Kelly Dodd, Claims Shannon Beador Dropped Her As A Friend For Sticking With Vicki Gunvalson

One person in Kelly Dodd’s corner, besides Vicki Gunvalson, is Lizzie Rovsek. Lizzie, who starred on The Real Housewives of Orange County for its ninth season and was a “friend” of the housewives on its tenth season, posted a tweet that supported Kelly’s claim that Shannon Beador set her up at her 70’s party. Lizzie further accused Shannon, who joined the show at the same time as her but unlike her has remained a main cast member, of dropping her as a friend when she continued to be friends with Vicki Gunvalson.

The latest episode featured David Beador surprising Shannon for her birthday by throwing a surprise birthday party and vow renewal ceremony at a fancy resort. As the episode aired on Monday night, Kelly, who is currently in Hong Kong, questioned why Shannon’s friends Nina and Jaci weren’t at the party. Kelly apparently takes Nina and Jaci’s absence from Shannon’s party/vow renewal as proof that they actually aren’t very good friends of Shannon’s and were at Shannon’s previous 70’s party only to gossip and cause trouble for her.


Of course, unlike Shannon’s 70’s-themed party, David planned the birthday party/vow renewal, so he was in control of the guest list. Perhaps he simply forgot to include Nina and Jaci or purposefully kept the guest list very small? Or perhaps Nina and Jaci couldn’t attend because of other commitments?

Lizzie seemed to like Kelly’s tweet. “Touché,” Lizzie responded. Lizzie even added a crying face emoji to her tweet.


When a viewer asked whether Lizzie’s tweet means that she doesn’t like Shannon, Lizzie claimed that Shannon dropped her as a friend when she continued being friends with Vicki. So far, Shannon has not responded to Lizzie’s claim.


When another viewer accused Lizzie of being approving of people who fake cancer for casseroles and attention, an obvious reference to Vicki, Lizzie defended herself by stating that she doesn’t condemn others and who chooses forgiveness every time.


When another viewer told Lizzie that she should be on the show with Kelly and Vicki as they would be fun to watch together, Lizzie responded with several kissing face emojis.


While Lizzie Rovsek is not on the current 11th season, she has recently hung out with Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lizzie met up with Vicki and Kelly for drinks in June. Also, there was Gretchen Rossi, who starred on the show’s fourth through eighth seasons. Vicki wrote in one of her photo captions that Lizzie and Gretchen should be brought back on the show. Lizzie was also at the June season 11 premiere party that featured housewives from all of the past seasons.

On season 9, Lizzie got along with both Shannon Beador and Vicki. On season 10, when the other housewives started questioning Vicki about whether her then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers had cancer and whether she was helping him fake having cancer, Lizzie stayed out of the drama. However, Lizzie did speak up when Vicki ran away from the lunch table in tears after being questioned by Meghan King Edmonds at Heather Dubrow’s party. Alone with Meghan, Lizzie told Meghan that she pushed Vicki too far. When Meghan called Vicki a “b**ch” and shrugged off Vicki’s emotions, Lizzie criticized Meghan for not caring.

“See, you don’t care. That’s the problem!”


When Vicki received criticism for publicly saying that Meghan’s husband, Jim, had told Brooks that months of his short marriage to Meghan were “challenging,” Lizzie wrote in a Season 10 blog that Vicki was just fighting back.

“I don’t necessarily agree with repeating this story, but Vicki was taking a lot of heat from Meghan. Meghan tried to expose Vicki as a con artist all season. Who wouldn’t be annoyed at being investigated behind your back by someone that barely knows you?… It seems like all season everyone can say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful or inappropriate it may seem; but as soon as Vicki opens her mouth everyone is so quick to be appalled and shocked. Come on!”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lizzie Rovsek claimed in May 2015 that she turned down a Season 10 starring cast member role. Perhaps viewers will see her return on season 12 as backup for Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd and an enemy of Shannon Beador’s?

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