‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Josh Murray ‘Blows Up’ At Amanda Stanton’s Friends: Andi Dorfman Right About Josh’s Anger Issues?

Bachelor in Paradise star Josh Murray will be the center of attention during next week’s episode (August 29) and he will prove that it does not take much to set him off, especially when people are talking about his relationship with Amanda Stanton.

The couple has been joined at the lips since Josh arrived in Paradise on Week 2. Despite warnings from Evan Bass, Lace Morris, and Nick Viall, Amanda appears to be under Josh’s spell. However, when two of her close friends talk to her about Josh, he finally flips out in Paradise, something that may put some doubt in Amanda’s mind about her relationship with the 32-year-old AdvoCare distributor.

Several contestants have referenced Andi Dorfman’s book, It’s Not Okay, when talking to Amanda about Josh, pointing out that Andi wrote that her ex was “controlling” and “an emotional abuser.” Still, this did little to keep Amanda away from Josh, but after her friends, Haley and Emily Ferguson, talk to her about Josh, things get out of control.

[Warning: Some Bachelor in Paradise spoilers ahead]

According to Reality Steve, the Ferguson twins pull Amanda aside during next week’s episode and warn her about Josh’s intentions. Of course, Josh will catch wind of the conversation and will “blow a gasket” in front of all of the remaining cast members in Paradise.

Spoilers indicate that Josh will get very little support from the other contestants, and that will anger him even more. It won’t come as a big surprise that he’ll focus his anger on Nick, although the twins were the ones who sparked his outrage.

ABC aired clip of what’s to come in the preview for next week’s episode aired at the end of Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise and it looks like the battle between Josh and Nick is going to be a doozy.

Nick calls Josh an “a-hole” and after Josh screams, “You’d better hope everything’s good with me and her!” Nick then tells Josh to “calm down,” but Josh refuses to back off.

Nick and Josh then fight over whether Andi Dorfman’s book is fictional — Nick admits it’s not. Josh still maintains that what Andi wrote about him is not true.

“You keep saying it’s a fictional book,” Nick tells Josh. “All I know is that my part is not fictional – the stuff she wrote about me.”

It’s likely that producers saw this as a great opportunity to have another Josh vs. Nick battle to get fans talking, but the storyline that keeps rehashing their apparent dislike for each other is getting old.

josh murray Bachelor in Paradise Josh and Amanda [Image via ABC Television Network]Although Josh blew up at the Bachelor in Paradise contestants who warned Amanda about him, it didn’t seem to have any bearing on their relationship.

Spoilers reveal that Amanda and Josh got engaged when the finale was taped in late June, but who needs spoilers? The couple has been spoiling the ending on their own.

Two months after filming wrapped up in Mexico, Josh and Amanda have not been hiding the fact that they are still together. The couple has been photographed by fans who have spotted them at Target, Disneyland, the Orange County Fair, and with Amanda’s daughters during a family trip to Kansas City to visit Josh’s brother, Aaron Murray, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.


Amanda and Josh are wasting no time moving ahead with their relationship. It won’t be long before Bachelor Nation hears about their wedding plans, and it’s likely that the couple will appear on the After Paradise talk show after the finale airs on September 6 to talk about their future plans.

According to Reality Steve, Josh has been spending most of his time in Los Angeles with Amanda, but plans are underway for the single mom and her two young daughters to move to Atlanta where Josh lives.

“I know Josh is in LA for the next couple months to be with her while the show airs. After that, I’m hearing that they want to settle down in Atlanta. Obviously Amanda’s ex has to sign off on something like that, but it looks like it’s at least on the table. Assuming they last.”

Do you think Josh and Amanda will get married or will they split after they are no longer in the spotlight?

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