Kylie Jenner And Tyga Wed Amid Family Feud And Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo Battle?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have succeeded in holding onto their romantic relationship despite some dramatic splits. But those bad breakups were always followed by make-ups, and now Jenner and her boyfriend have taken their love to the next level by secretly getting married, according to a source cited by the Mirror.

Tyga and Kylie reportedly aren’t responding to the speculation that they secretly eloped last month. As to motives for a secret wedding? The Kardashian family thinks it might be a way to deal with the way that Blac Chyna has behaved with her son King, whose father is Tyga, says the insider.

Did Kylie Jenner secretly tie the knot with Tyga? Did Kylie Jenner secretly tie the knot with Tyga? [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]“Kylie’s quietly putting this rumor out there which she’s spread before, but this time it has more plausibility,” revealed the source.

“Apparently [Jenner’s] main motivation for wanting to get hitched is to help Tyga, who’s getting held from Blac Chyna over custody of King.”

In addition, Kylie and her boyfriend reportedly felt that getting married was the best way to deal with the situation. Jenner also is motivated to “beat [ Rob Kardashian ] and Blac to the punch” in walking down the wedding aisle.

But all this speculation is frustrating her family, who is attempting to solve the marriage mystery.

“Everyone is trying to get to the bottom of what’s really going on,” added the source.

Moreover, amid that claim of a secret marriage comes a report that Jenner is battling with her boyfriend over his admiration of her sister Kim Kardashian’s bikini body.

Kim has been proudly posting pictures of her post-pregnancy figure on social media, including some very hot photos showing her twerking butt. When Tyga noticed, he wanted to re-post one, causing Kylie to feel jealous, an insider told Hollywood Life.

Jenner’s boyfriend had pure motives for his desire, according to the source.

“[Tyga wanted to] show love and congratulate [Kim] on her body.”

Aware that Kardashian does not rank as his “biggest fan,” the rapper hoped that he could appease Kim by expressing his admiration for her.

“She’s a mother of two with a body of a supermodel and all Tyga wanted to do was give her props. Plus, he knows Kim’s not his biggest fan and wanted to suck up to her a bit,” explained the insider.

But then Kylie put the kibosh on that notion. Jenner feels a sense of competition with Kardashian, and that means she has no intentions of letting her boyfriend flaunt the figure of her big sister, according to the source.

“Kylie’s super competitive with Kim, and wants to remain the most talked about and adored Kardashian/Jenner.”

In addition to Kylie’s frustration over her boyfriend’s admiration for Kardashian’s curvy figure, Jenner has a problem occurring between Caitlyn Jenner and Tyga, according to OK‘s insider.

Is Kylie Jenner worried about a reported feud between Caitlyn and her boyfriend? Is Kylie Jenner worried about a reported feud between Caitlyn and her boyfriend? [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]The feud between Caitlyn and the rapper began when Kylie’s parent made it clear that she did not approve of their rekindled romance.

“Tyga’s got it in for Caitlyn after she refused to give Kylie her blessing when they got back together,” revealed the insider.

Jenner has several reasons for her disapproval of Kylie’s relationship. Caitlyn feels that repeated reports of Tyga’s problems in the financial area of his life have cast a bad light on the entire Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan, shared the insider.

There’s no hiding anything in the close-knit family, and Kylie knows that Jenner dislikes her boyfriend, with sources telling OK that the 19-year-old reality TV star admitted to her rapper guy pal, 26, that Caitlyn feels he’s bad news. Consequently, the battle between the two is on.

Tyga has not tried to hide his anger about the situation, with the source revealing that he is “[going as far as to] trash Caitlyn to anyone who will listen.”

Consequently, even though Caitlyn and Kylie are close, her parent was not present at her big birthday party this month.

“Tyga’s been calling her terrible names and doing everything he can to force Kylie to ditch her dad,” revealed the insider.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]