Victoria Beckham Divorce Rumors: David Caught ‘Flirting’ With Two Women [Report]

Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have been taking Hollywood by a storm. The former Spice Girl’s husband, David Beckham, was allegedly caught flirting with not one, but two women.

First, the former English soccer player was seen chatting it up with a random woman at a Los Angeles juice bar, reported Radar Online. While ordering a healthy beverage, the athlete began talking to an unknown woman. Allegedly, their exchange had appeared to be flirtatious banter.


This incident took place at Earthbar, which is a popular smoothie and juice joint in Los Angeles. The woman Beckman was flirting with was a new mother, according to Radar Online. The soccer star also took the opportunity to say hi and play with the woman’s newborn child. Beckham is a father of four children, including Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo James Beckham, Harper Seven Beckham, and Cruz David Beckham.

Though Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have been circulating for quite some time, none of them have been confirmed or denied. Still, David Beckman is notorious for his flirtatious behavior. Earlier this year, Beckham was spotted outside of a SoulCycle gym having an exchange with an attractive brunette woman, reported Radar Online. The relationship between the two and the context of their conversation remains unknown. David Beckham had previously been caught talking to other women from this class. In May, the former soccer star had another close encounter with a classmate.

An undercover source for Radar Online got the inside scoop.

“David and this woman would work out next to each other and flirt before, during and after class…She was in her 30s, skinny, and they chatted all the time.”

Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have only intensified as her husband continues his antics. The unknown source from the online publication said that David Beckham was obviously charming the nameless classmate.

“David was completely charming her. He laughed and smiled and asked her silly questions about working out and what she was doing after class…”

Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have become more of a reality over time. Shortly after this gossip began to circulate, the soccer star’s wife made her way to one of his SoulCycle classes to investigate the situation herself.

An anonymous witness spoke about Victoria’s visit to Radar Online.

“Victoria hardly ever shows up to class. But all of a sudden she came one day and was [acting] cold.”

Though David Beckham has been caught multiple times talking to various women, the soccer star hasn’t stopped his behavior. Shortly after Beckham went to Earthbar to grab a drink, he was spotted taking multiple selfies with an unknown woman with brunette hair.

While Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have been going on for quite some time, the couple hasn’t made any decisions regarding their marriage. Radar Online has previously reported that the couple has been planning on potentially splitting for quite some time. Earlier this year, Victoria Beckham allegedly ended her business partnership with her husband. This came as a shock considering the couple has been married for 16 years.


Victoria Beckham divorce rumors have only intensified after the fashion designer ended her working relationship with David Beckham. An insider for Radar Online commented on the couple’s crippling marriage.

“There is a lot of buzz around the industry that David and Victoria are on the verge of a divorce…It’s no secret that they lead separate lives.”

For many years, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were very public about their romance. It appeared the couple had an unbreakable bond. Still, an inside source close to the Beckham’s said that the couple would shortly be making an announcement about the status of their relationship.

“They are waiting for a quiet time to make a short announcement about the status of their relationship…They don’t want a lot of attention around it. There won’t be any drama.”

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[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]