‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad And Jennifer Sink Into Despair As Claire And Theo Grow Close To One Another

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday’s show detail that word will spread about Abigail’s supposed death while both Chad and Jennifer sink into a serious depression. The August 23 show brings Claire and Theo closer to one another, and there is a lot of drama on the way for fans.

According to We Love Soaps, Ciara will learn about Abigail’s supposed death from Theo. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that this news will soon propel the teen to open up to Chad about her feelings for him. However, as that plays out later this week, she will find herself disappointed in the response she receives.

Chad and Jennifer have been battling over custody of Thomas, but learning of the plane crash has left them both devastated and consumed with grief. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Chad will reach out to Belle and tell her that he is done fighting for custody, indicating that he will let Jennifer care for him. As Soap Central details, he will believe that Thomas will need more than he can provide.

While Chad may be feeling ready to let go of Thomas for now as he wallows in despair, Jennifer is falling apart as well. She had worked hard to overcome her pill addiction, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that she will fall back into that bad place during Tuesday’s show. She will head to a seedy motel room and lose herself in booze and pills.


How far will Jennifer sink like this? Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that as the week plays out, her loved ones will become quite worried about her, and Julie, Hope, and Belle manage to track her down. She will be horrified by how she has fallen apart, but teasers indicate that she will find a way to fight to pull herself together again.

Claire and Theo have been spending time together lately and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that they will be together again during Tuesday’s show. It seems that they will connect over her new song and soon viewers will see them share a kiss. However, Ciara may end up shaking things up between the two when she sees the kiss fresh off her rejection from Chad.

It may be some time yet before Chad, Jennifer, and the others learn that Abigail is still alive, as newcomer Marci Miller will not begin to appear on-screen in the role until the end of the year. However, viewers can surely expect to learn more about Andre’s antics regarding her disappearance not too far down the road.


Tate remains missing, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he is going to be found and reunited with his parents soon. John uncovered a new lead, and before the week is out, Tate will be back with Theresa and Brady. They find the woman who has the young boy, and it seems that she will point the finger at Victor as the man responsible.

Victor will soon be arrested as he sits at Maggie’s bedside after her surgery, but is he really behind this plot? Days of Our Lives spoilers note that some will be suspicious of Deimos in this situation, but everybody will have to wait and see how this all plays out. Some fans suspect that someone else entirely may be behind this twisted scenario.


Also, this week brings more with Aiden and his newly-claimed power as the district attorney. Justin has been pushed out of the gig and Aiden will seemingly be thrilled to utilize the new powers he has acquired with the job. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Hope and Rafe will quickly develop concerns about Aiden’s new job, as he indicates that he will be reviewing all of Justin’s prior cases, and they worry that he will uncover the truth about Stefano’s murder.

How far will Chad and Jennifer both sink in the wake of Abigail’s supposed death? Could Claire and Theo become the next big couple in Salem? Is Victor responsible for Tate’s kidnapping or is someone else orchestrating all of this? Days of Our Lives spoilers share that things are going to be getting quite intense in the episodes ahead, and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action.

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