Dennis Quaid Finds Love With Youthful Beauty Santa Auzina

Veteran Hollywood actor Dennis Quaid proves romance isn’t just for the young as he finds love again with 30-year-old model Santa Auzina. The two shared a photo of themselves getting cozy and enjoying each other’s company, stirring up interest in 62-year-old Quaid among the online community. While May-December romances may still carry some stigma, the attention drawn to the romance between Dennis and Santa Auzina may have more to do with Quaid’s current marital status than the age of Auzina.

Dennis Quaid And Santa Auzina Flaunt Their Love Affair–t/?taken-by=santaauzina

Us Weekly reports that French-Canadian beauty Santa Auzina and actor Dennis Quaid, who is most recently known as Samuel Brukner in The Art of More, have shared their romance and the happiness they have found together. In a picture posted to Auzina’s Instagram account, Quaid and Santa can be seen smiling and snuggling up close, leaving no room to misinterpret their relationship as anything other than romantic.

If any doubt remains, Santa herself confirms that the pair are in love with the caption she attached to the image. Santa attached hashtags to the picture to share her feelings about Dennis and the nature of their relationship, using the words “#notredame #catholic #santita#sundaymass #church #mylove #spiritual#soulmate #teamo #blondie #montreal#canada #amorepuro” to describe her time in Montreal with Quaid.

Quaid is still married to his wife of 12 years, Kimberly Quaid, though the couple has again filed for divorce. The filing, which will be the second for Dennis and Kimberly, was initiated in June. Some might remark that the ink is still wet on that divorce proceeding, but Dennis is wasting no time in moving on with his new love interest, indicating that Quaid may be more confident in going through with the dissolution of his marriage this time around.

The Quaid couple released a joint statement that confirmed the end of their relationship as husband and wife.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to end our 12-year marriage. The decision was made amicably and with mutual respect toward one another. We will always remain great friends and devoted partners in raising our children.”

Together, Dennis and Kimberly have 8-year-old twins, Thomas and Zoe.

Dennis is in Montreal to film Crackle’s original series The Art of More and Santa has been staying with him there, so it’s not surprising that public displays of affection between Quaid and Auzina have become frequent and highly shared, even by Dennis and Santa themselves. There’s no clear indication of when Dennis and Santa first became romantically involved, but they were first seen together at the Atwater Cocktail Club in July.

The Art Of More Star Dennis Quaid On Returning To Montreal

Dennis told the Montreal Gazette that returning to the city to film Season 2 of The Art of More isn’t the only time he has spent working in Montreal, revealing that he also shot The Words (2012) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004) in the area. Quaid described shooting The Day After Tomorrow through the winter months, and while he says only two scenes were shot outdoors, he still couldn’t keep warm.

“Roland [Emmerich] directed the whole thing in a T-shirt. And I’m in Arctic gear because it’s the Ice Age and it’s 75 degrees in the studio,” said Dennis.

In spite of the weather, Mr. Quaid said he was happy to return to Montreal for The Art of More, because there are just so many talented craftsmen to work with in the area. He added that Montreal holds great appeal as a wonderful place in which to both work and relax, pointing out that the city is so diverse that, from a filmmaker’s standpoint, one could recreate anything from historic Europe to present day New York City with little difficulty.

Talking more about The Art of More, Quaid said he’s happy to return for Season 2. Dennis hasn’t had much experience in television until recently, and he said he’s happy to be involved in the television revolution currently taking place. The Art of More may only be getting into Season 2, but Quaid added that he’s hoping the Crackle show will go on for at least five seasons.

“What’s going on in television reminds me of what was going on in the movies in the ’70s where you felt like the inmates had taken over the asylum. There were a lot of different things being done.”

In comparing 70s filmmaking to modern-day television trends, Quaid pointed out that the changes in format allow for more show’s to succeed on lower ratings.

“So you have these series that don’t really need to have a national audience with huge numbers. So it can be more boutique. It’s more personalized.”

Season 2 of The Art of More will be available on Tuesday, November 1 on Crackle.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]