Kylie Minogue’s Unexpected Relationship With Joshua Sasse Has Her Reconsidering Her Stance On Children

Kylie Minogue, the celebrated Australian pop queen, has been unlucky in love throughout most of her career, shown by her failed romances with a number of celebrities that include Jason Donovan, Michael Hutchence, Olivier Martinez, and Andres Velencoso. However, it seems that Kylie has found the man of her dreams, as the diva is reportedly seriously considering marrying Joshua Sasse, the British actor who plays the lead role in ABC’s Galavant.

Kylie and Joshua became romantically involved with each other after they met on the set of Galavant in 2015. Five months later, the couple got engaged to each other amid speculations surrounding their romance. Their engagement was officially announced through a notice published in the marriage section of a newspaper.

Since then, rumors about their alleged marriage have been doing the rounds among fans and in the media. Additionally, the circulating rumors suggest that Kylie has also decided the location of her wedding with Joshua. According to Digital Spy, Kylie Minogue might be returning to her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, to tie the knot with her fiance.

The latest round of rumors suggest that the marriage ceremony will be strictly a family affair, and Danii Minogue, Kylie’s sister, will be the bride’s maid of honor.

Now that she has found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Kylie Minogue is also reported to have expressed her desire to have children. An inside source revealed that the 48-year-old pop diva is enjoying her love life thoroughly and is looking forward to having children in the future. According to the Sun, the insider spoke about Kylie’s eagerness to bear Joshua’s children.

“She never really made a big deal about motherhood when she was single but now she’s in a very serious, long-term relationship, it’s on the agenda.”

A couple of years ago, Kylie had frustratingly declared that she would never be a mother, as a long-term steady romance had always eluded her. Her earlier declaration had come at a time when her romantic affair with Andres Velencoso had recently ended. However, Kylie’s relationship with Joshua has worked wonders for her, as her British fiance has seemed to pull the “Spinning Around” singer out of her relationship despair and shown her that love is possible at any stage of life.

It is clear that the couple’s age gap of 20 years has never come in the way of their blooming relationship. Earlier, Kylie Minogue shared her happiness on the Australian current affairs television program The Project. According to News Australia, the “All the Lovers” singer revealed that the sizable age difference has never been an issue in her relationship with her fiance and that sometimes looks can be deceiving.

“I think the general consensus is, we kind of look right together. So even though on paper it might not look right, it just is right.”

In fact, the singer revealed that the romance has made her so happy that the glow on her face failed to conceal the cool demeanor that she was pretending to wear.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse have been enjoying their perfect romance by visiting exotic locations around the world. A few months ago, the couple was rumored to have married each on the Greek island of Sifnos, but it was eventually revealed that they had simply shared a romantic holiday together without also tying the knot. More recently, the couple enjoyed a romantic holiday in Italy along with some of their friends. Kylie and Joshua particularly vacationed in the picturesque Mediterranean fishing village of Portofino, where they also went yachting. According to News Australia, the 48-year-old Kylie Minogue was relaxing in a stylish purple bathing suit, which made her look gorgeous and happier than ever.

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]