Nicki Minaj Plotting Scathing Attack On Drake After Meek Mill Diss

Nicki Minaj is allegedly ready to fire back at Drake following his scathing attack on and subsequent feud with Meek Mill.

According to reports, after weeks of rumors claiming that Drake and Meek are locked in a pretty nasty feud, Nicki is now ready to wade in on the drama to defend her boyfriend.

Nicki is allegedly pretty disappointed with the way Drake keeps speaking out about Mill. Minaj is rumored to have a two-year, on and off relationship with Meek, and now she is planning her revenge to take down Drake for his remarks.

An insider close to Nicki recently told Hollywood Life about Minaj’s big Drake diss plans, admitting that she thinks the “Hotline Bling” rapper is “way out of pocket for talking s***” about her boyfriend.

Nicki Minaj Plotting Scathing Attack On Drake After Meek Mill Diss [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Pepsi]The report came shortly after the site also confessed that Nicki has some pretty major diss plans up her sleeve and allegedly intends to put an end to Mill and Drake’s feud once and for all.

“Nicki’s going to grab the mic and go in on Drake,” a source confirmed of Minaj’s diss idea, suggesting that Nicki is ready to go in on Drake and supposedly has a whole lot of material to choose from when it comes to writing a rap about the musician.

“Nicki Minaj can put Drake on blast for a lot of things, including how he’s been after her for years, but she never gave in because she’s loyal to Meek,” an insider close to Nicki told the site amid Drake and Meek’s ever-escalating feud, revealing that despite their rocky romance, Minaj would do anything to defend her on/off boyfriend.

“No doubt Meek and Nicki have issues but at the end of the day, Meek’s her man and she’ll ride hard for him,” Hollywood Life‘s source said. “If she’s got to get on the mic herself and start throwing shots at Drake, she will!”

Nicki Minaj Plotting Scathing Attack On Drake After Meek Mill Diss [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]It’s not clear exactly how Minaj is planning on taking shots at Drake, although the site hinted that Nicki could be hitting the studio for a potentially scathing diss track about the rapper, who’s rumored to be dating Rihanna.

But, should Minaj take aim at Drake in a song, it wouldn’t be the first time the twosome have crossed paths in the studio.

Nicki and Drake were friends before his drama with Mill hit the headlines, even collaborating on a number of tracks in the past.

Minaj and Drake both have credits on the songs, “Make Me Proud,” “Moment 4 Life,” and “Up All Night,” and they’ve also teamed up with other artists, including Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, to drop the tracks “Only” and “Truffle Butter.”

Drake even praised Nicki in his 2010 duet with Lil Wayne titled “Miss Me,” claiming that he wanted to marry Minaj before she began dating Meek.

“I love Nicki Minaj/I told her I’d admit it/I hope one day we get married just to say we f***ing did it,” Drake rapped about Minaj on the song. “And girl I’m f****** serious/I’m with it if you with it/Cause your verses turn me on and your pants are mighty fitted,” he continued.

Nicki is yet to confirm that she’s planning to take Drake down amid his and Mill’s recent drama, although Minaj has made it pretty clear that she’s not one to shy away from a feud.

Minaj has enjoyed seriously high profile feuds with a number of stars in the past, taking aim and exchanging some scathing words with several celebrities, including Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and even Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

What do you think of reports claiming that Nicki Minaj is preparing to wade in on Meek Mill’s feud with Drake to drop what could be a scathing diss track?

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