Megyn Kelly Deals With Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Campaign Problems

Megyn Kelly didn’t hold back on The Kelly File Monday evening. The Fox News superstar dove right into Hillary Clinton’s latest scandals.

“Just as Hillary Clinton gets her most stunning rebuke yet from a fellow secretary of state, we learn that a new court order is raising questions of when some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails will be released to the public,” Kelly told her audience before indicating that we might know the contents of those emails very soon.

A little later in the show, a video clip of Hillary Clinton talking about her emails was shown.

“We went through a thorough process to identify all of my work-related emails and deliver them to the state department,” Hillary said.

In another video, we see Hillary Clinton saying that she turned over everything she was obligated to and that she has moved on. Many have observed, at least based on recent events, that Mrs. Clinton may has not been telling the truth.

Megyn Kelly Hillary Clinton Megyn thinks Hillary is definitely hiding something. [Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]Kelly then turned the show over to Catherine Herridge, who reported that a federal judge ordered the state department to speed up its review of the 14,900 emails discovered by an FBI investigation that weren’t previously turned over. These emails will be made public before the election. Kelly also noted that Clinton tried to put the blame on the former secretary of state, Colin Powell, by saying that he encouraged her to use a private email. According to ABC News, Powell isn’t too happy.

“Her people have been trying to pin it on me,”ABC News quotes Powell saying. He also noted that she was using her private email server a year before he sent her a memo telling her what he did.

Megyn Kelly didn’t spend the whole evening on Hillary Clinton. She talked about Donald Trump’s major shift on immigration. Kelly spoke to Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who said that Donald Trump has not been postponing his speeches on immigration in order top put the spotlight on Hillary’s awful week.

“Immigration is a very complex issue, and to get the solutions right, coming out with a plan should not be rushed. He [Trump] is taking in the advice of many on this issue. And that included Saturday’s meeting, which I attended,” Conway told Kelly.

After Megyn Kelly asked if Trump still plans to deport all of the illegal immigrants in this country, Conway skirted around the issue by stating that she believes that we first have to secure the borders and then enforce the law. She said Trump would enforce the law and remove illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. She refused to say that Trump would go through with his plan of deporting every single illegal immigrant in this country — something that has become a talking point of Trump’s campaign.

Soon, the conversation turned to a video showing Trump reacting to the latest in Hillary Clinton’s never-ending email scandal.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Donald thinks Hillary is hiding something as well, and that she needs to face consequences for her actions. [Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]“The amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done require and expedited investigation by a special prosecutor,” Trump told the Ohio audience before receiving a rapturous response and repeating that it had to be done immediately.

The next few weeks of the election cycle will be very interesting. Megyn Kelly will be working overtime, but it’s obvious she is passionate about her job and will keep slamming both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

[Photo by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]