Flight Attendants Fight, Force Plane To Land In North Carolina

After two flight attendants started to fight aboard a Chicago bound United Airlines plane the pilot was forced to turn the plane around and land back at the Raleigh/Durham International Airport.

According to USA Today, the plane was met by law enforcement officials when it landed back at the North Carolina airport.

Mindy Hamlin, RDU spokeswoman, said:

“Our law enforcement team was notified by the tower that the captain had requested law enforcement to meet the aircraft. The aircraft had gotten about 50 miles out when he reported a possible assault on the aircraft.”

Hamlin said that the fight started after one flight attendant accidentally “brushed” the other. According to ABC 11, the fight escalated into a yelling match but no punches were thrown.

ABC writes:

“Investigators determined no blows were exchanged and no assault had taken place. There were no arrests.”

Surprisingly, this is the second flight attendant fight to disrupt air travel for a major airline. Last week an altercation between two American Eagle employees caused a New York flight to Washington to be delayed more than four hours.