Police Search For Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Under Michigan Driveway

Jimmy Hoffa's body May Be Under Driveway

The whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa’s body is a question that has been the source of thousands of theories since he went missing in 1975. Now, however, one Michigan police chief believes he may have the answer.

James Berlin is the police chief in Roseville, Michigan, a town about 20 miles north of Detroit, reports ABC News. Berlin announced that his department will take soil core samples from beneath the driveway of a nearby home on Friday following “credible” information that it may be Hoffa’s final resting place. Berlin stated:

“We received information from an individual who saw something. The information seemed credible, so we decided to follow up on it. We do not know if this is Jimmy.”

Hoffa was a union boss who headed the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He disappeared in July 1975 after he was last seen outside “The Red Fox” restaurant in suburban Detroit.

At the time of his disappearance, the union boss was 62 and had recently spent almost five years in jail. Berlin noted that Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality took a ground scan of the driveway last week and discovered “an anomaly” that allowed them to return to the site to take samples.

The Detroit Free Press notes that the FBI believes Jimmy Hoffa was murdered by Anthony (Tony Pro) Provenzano, a mob-connected New Jersey Teamster official, and Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalone, a Detroit mafia captain, though they don’t have any proof about the claim.

Despite thousands of tips on the case, authorities have never found Hoffa’s body and no one has been charged in his disappearance. The owner of the Roseville, Michigan home has said that she is “fully aware of what’s going on,” but referred all comments to the Roseville Police Department. Authorities have said she is very helpful and cooperative with the investigation.