Heather Dubrow Slams ‘Real Housewives’ Kelly Dodd: RHOC Cast Argues If Dodd’s Ditsy Or Dangerous

The Real Housewives Of Orange County are having problems making lemonade out of lemons when it comes to the sour feelings about new member Kelly Dodd. Even Heather Dubrow, known for her calm mannerisms, broke down over Dodd in a recent episode. But is Kelly deserving of the fireworks and just ditsy, or is she a dangerous enemy?

Pushed to the point of tears by Dodd’s behavior on the Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather swore at a dinner party before rushing out in what ranks as one the franchise’s most dramatic exits. Dubrow announced that she wanted to cut off her association with Kelly, reported People.

Heather, Vicki, Kelly and her husband Michael laughed at a party, but what followed wasn't very funny. Heather, Vicki, Kelly and her husband Michael laughed at a party, but what followed wasn’t very funny. [Image via Bravo TV]Heather, famed as an actress as well as a cast member of RHOC, slammed Dodd as guilty of producing a “vulgar, vile display.” She refused to participate further in the elaborate Japanese dinner party that included Tamra Judge and Meghan King Edmonds.

“This is bulls***,” attacked Dubrow, shouting as she stood up.

“I’m done. This is not okay. This is low-based bulls***, and I am not doing this.”

Riding in an auto on her way home from the dinner party that turned into a battle, Heather was shown weeping on her phone as she sought consolation from her husband, Terry.

“I don’t even want to be associated with this,” wept the 47-year-old actress. “I don’t want anybody to see me with this woman.”

But while Dubrow made her feelings about Dodd very clear, Kelly was even more shocking in her choice of words for Shannon Beador.

“You’re a friggin’ c*** is what you are,” snarled Dodd. “You are despicable.”

For those viewers doing a double take at what seemed like an undeserved attack at Beador, the feud began when her pal Nina spilled the tea about some gossip.

Kelly and Michael show their shock. Kelly and Michael show their shock. [Image via Bravo TV]“I heard her. She said you suck d*** to pay your bills,” revealed Edmonds in a game of she-said-what.

Kelly exploded.

“Could you imagine – you’re a mother and you’ve worked your whole life, hard, and you’ve never done anything wrong and some girl is over there calling you a prostitute?” demanded Dodd.

“It’s disgusting a mother could say such horrible things about somebody they don’t even know.”

Beador attempted to defend the situation by pointing out that Nina did not call her a prostitute, but that did not pacify Kelly. The consequence: Dodd’s explosion at the party that caused Heather to blow up.

Tamra tried to serve as a diplomat by providing Kelly with a different perspective.

“You said a lot of s***, too, so if you’re going to talk s***, you gotta be able to take it,” Judge advised Dodd. “If [Nina’s] lying, why do you care? Is she affecting your life?”

But rather than receive thanks for her guidance, Judge came in for her own share of slamming.

“Yes, you dumb f***,” attacked Kelly. “Yes! I don’t want my daughter to hear that.”

Kelly Dodd says she felt attacked from all sides. Kelly Dodd says she felt attacked from all sides. [Image via Bravo TV]Dubrow made it clear that Dodd had crossed the line of acceptable behavior, ordering her to exit.

“Kelly, this is not okay,” Heather informed the RHOC star. “This behavior is not acceptable. Leave.”

But when Dodd refused to obey those marching orders, Dubrow chose to follow her own advice.

“I’m so disgusted by what’s going on that I feel like I’m choking,” declared Heather. “I feel suffocated — I have to get out.”

Kelly did later try to apologize to Dubrow and Judge, saying that she had not intended to blast them and that she “did not mean that.” But as far as Shannon was concerned, it was too little too late.

“Kelly Dodd — that vicious woman — has attacked me three times in a very short period.”

Beador added that she had enough.

“I can’t take it anymore. Three strikes, you’re out,” ruled Shannon.

As for Dubrow, the actress feels that she has no need to try to become friends with Dodd.

“I have four children, a husband, and a really good life,” declared Heather. “That girl? I do not want to see ever again.”

So is Kelly ditsy or dangerous? Dodd has tried to explain that she tends to be impulsive, saying things that she does not mean. But thus far, several of her RHOC co-stars have made it clear that they think she’s dangerous, such as Dubrow’s vow to never associate with Kelly again, pointed out the Daily Mail.

Although Dodd insisted that she felt everyone was attacking her, her verbal assault on Shannon calling her a “c***” and Tamra a “dumb b****” even upset her friend Meghan, who revealed she feels “embarrassed” to associate with her.

“I was honest to god embarrassed to be your friend at that moment.”

Kelly contended that she feels the rest of the RHOC cast “ganged up” on her while admitting she was on the defense.

“I just feel defensive … I’ve never dealt with girls like this,” she cried. “I’m not used to this.”

But as far as Heather is concerned, Dodd may not have to get used to dealing with the rest of the Real Housewives, because Dubrow feels dubious about the wisdom of ever inviting Kelly to another party.

“How do we ever invite her to anything now?” questioned Heather.

[Image via Bravo TV]