‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Steffy Stands Firm, Wyatt Explodes, And Thomas Aligns With Liam

Things are really heating up on The Bold and the Beautiful, and spoilers tease that Tuesday’s episode will be a wild one. Steffy threw an ultimatum at Quinn and stunned Wyatt by telling him that she would be moving out if her mother-in-law didn’t move out of the Forrester mansion. What can everybody expect from the August 23 show?

Wyatt pleaded with Steffy to reconsider her decision to move out and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that he will throw everything he can at saving his marriage. According to We Love Soaps, he will approach Quinn once more to try to resolve this issue, but does he have a shot at succeeding?

Previews show Wyatt telling Steffy that he is not going to let her walk out the door. He insists that as they try to work through this that he is not Quinn’s son but Steffy’s husband, who is fully dedicated to her. As much as he may try to convince Steffy that he will ensure that Quinn stays away from his wife, it sounds as if it isn’t enough to appease her.

Wyatt is said to track down Quinn once again, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that this will be an explosive encounter. He has tried to plead with Quinn, and he has tried to appeal to her motherly instincts, but so far, she has refused to walk away from Eric. From the looks of the previews, he now gets angry and even aggressive at the Forrester mansion as items will go flying. Will this approach work?

According to the Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central, Steffy will end up moving out of her home with Wyatt, at least for now. She will head to her brother’s place to stay for a bit, and this living situation will provide a serious nudge to push her back to Liam.

Viewers have seen that Thomas and Liam already had one discussion about Steffy and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that they will soon have another. Thomas has supported his sister throughout all of this chaos, and while he has not told her what to leave her marriage, he clearly has known that she is still in love with Liam, and he has admitted to Liam that he thinks the two belong together.

The latest Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that during Tuesday’s show, the two men will further discuss the situation and come to find that they agree on what should ultimately happen. As the week continues, teasers share that Thomas will do some meddling that is seemingly designed to push his sister back to Liam.


While Steffy will move out of her home with her husband this week, Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will apparently leave the door open to a degree. It sounds as if she will maintain that she will move forward with a divorce if Quinn stays with Eric, and Wyatt will seemingly be none too happy to be dealt such an ultimatum when there is only so much he can do about his mother and her life.

Wyatt already knows that Liam is angling to win back Steffy, but how will he feel when and if he learns that Thomas is working toward seeing that same ending with Liam reuniting with his love? Is there any chance that this marriage will survive these obstacles, or is it time for him to throw in the towel? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have revealed that Ivy will be back in the mix of things very soon, and viewers will be curious to see how she impacts these complex and troubled relationships.


This week will bring more regarding Katie and Bill’s divorce and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that he will make yet another move to pull Brooke back into his orbit. She has pulled away from him, intent on siding with her sister now, but he is not ready to give up on her. Brooke and Ridge will also be spending more time together, and viewers have a hunch that they may be destined to reunite.

Thomas may be playing matchmaker for his sister, but he is also experiencing some romantic sparks of his own. Thomas and Caroline have entertained the idea of raising their son Douglas together, but she is in New York for a while, and Sasha has been hanging around. Thomas and Sasha have connected as he defended her against Julius and as viewers have seen, they are definitely toying with something more than friendship. Which woman will he ultimately end up with in the months ahead?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that there is plenty of drama on the way this week as these relationships face obstacles and fans cannot wait to see what happens next. Whose partnerships will flourish and whose will go down in flames?

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