Gary Johnson Polls Plateau As Candidate Guarantees Mitt Romney A Place In His Administration

Gary Johnson polls are steady after a surge to 10 percent but without a growing number, the September presidential debates are looking more and more like a pipe dream at this point. According to the Huffington Post, Gary Johnson polls have increased to 10 percent after sitting at 8 percent for a few weeks but seemed to have level off, not getting any closer to the 15 percent he would need to take the stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump next month.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates has revealed exactly how it will determine who gets to be on stage this fall… On Monday, the commission announced the five polls that will be averaged together to determine who is receiving 15% support nationwide. The polls are ABC-Washington Post; CBS-New York Times; CNN-Opinion Research Corporation; Fox News; and NBC-Wall Street Journal,” explained Brian Stelter (via CNN Money).

Gary Johnson polls — combined — give him that 10 percent from the period assessed in this determination (July 29 to August 4).

At this point, Gary Johnson is starting to talk a little more about what his administration would look like if he were elected president. After reaching his initial fundraising goal, his gears have shifted, and he’s receiving more attention on social media. However, it could be his lack of the continuous push, if you will, that has caused this plateau in polling. Of course, based on the criteria above, it doesn’t look like Gary Johnson will make it to the debates.

According to the Libertarian Republic, Gary Johnson recently said that former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, would have a “guaranteed” spot in his administration if he got to that point. Keep in mind that Romney still hasn’t endorsed any candidate for president (although it’s pretty clear that he’s riding the #NeverTrump train).

“If Mitt Romney wants to be a part of the administration, that would be a guarantee. I think [the position] would be for Mitt Romney to decide … and I say that with reverence to his skills as a business person and having run the Olympics,” Johnson said.

Gary Johnson polls may not be high enough to get him where he needs to be to actually have a chance at winning the November 8 election, but he clearly knows that there are a lot of unhappy voters in America right now — and many of them are Mitt Romney supporters. Perhaps this is Johnson’s way of drawing more attention to himself and getting more people interested in what he has to say.

Interestingly enough, polling amongst young voters favors Gary Johnson by a pretty large margin. This is a great sign, but could it be too little too late at this point?

It has been speculated that people just are not comfortable having a third party candidate running the country because it’s something that hasn’t happened since the party system was established. Even still, Gary Johnson has done a fine job at getting his name out there and getting heard. He has steadily increased in polls since he decided to run as a Libertarian and more and more people seem to be interested in hearing what he has to say. The issue very well may be time as it is undoubtedly working against him. It’s hard to believe that the election is a mere 2.5 months away.

Do you think Gary Johnson has enough steam behind him to stay in this race until the very end?

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]