Trump To Black Voters, ‘You Walk Down The Street, You Get Shot’: Watch Full Speech [Video]

Donald Trump continues to make a bid for black voters as he traverses the country. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Republican presidential candidate previously told African-American voters that they had no jobs and bad schools, then asked black voters “what the hell” they had to lose by voting for him. It was a bid that didn’t necessarily go over well with black voters and caused lots of buzz on social media.


Trump tried once more for the African-American vote, when the controversial candidate spoke at a campaign rally in Akron, Ohio, on Monday, August 22. As seen in the video below from the Trump rally on Monday evening, Trump claimed that black voters have been let down by the Democrats. Trump said the inner cities would improve under a Trump administration.

Trump spoke to black voters about murder rates, which he said were up everywhere. Trump also spoke of war zones in other countries that he called safer than some inner cities in the U.S.

“It is a disaster the way African-Americans are living in many cases and in many cases the way Hispanics are living. And I say it with such a deep-felt feeling, what do you have to lose? I’ll straighten it out. I’ll get rid of the crime, so you’ll be able to walk down the street without getting shot.”

As reported by Hill, Trump said he would straighten out his words to black voters, and he claimed that his previous badly received comments came from the depth of his feelings. As such, Trump’s words about black people walking down the street and getting shot were part of his Ohio speech. Trump claimed that the world for black Americans under President Trump would be a lot safer than one led by President Obama. As usual, Trump continued to use Mr. Obama’s full name in his speech.


Trump went on to speak about two different sets of rules, claiming that Hillary Clinton and her crimes represented actions that needed to be investigated by a special prosecutor. Trump seemed to go off script a few times, specifically when Trump claimed his campaign would win by a landslide.

“I just get the feeling, we’re going to win in a landslide.”

Meanwhile, Trump said his average donation was $61, which is an amount that isn’t always seen in Republican donations.

Trump called his campaign a “movement,” going on to slam Clinton for broadcasting phony ads about Trump, although he admitted that Hillary’s “phony” ads contained a “couple little parts” that were true to the delight of the laughing Akron crowd.

Trump claimed he would work with allies to crush ISIS and told the crowd to repeat three simple words like a mantra.

“Peace through strength.”

Extreme vetting would be the modus operandi, Trump claimed, when it came to the types of people Trump would let into the country.

trump [Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]Trump returned to speaking about the African-American labor force and said nearly four in 10 African-American children live in poverty.

As a result of Trump’s words about people in inner cities walking down the street and getting shot, Twitter is reacting to those words accordingly.

“Please check the pulse of any ‘‘ not offended by saying, ‘You walk down the street, you get shot!’ .”

trump [Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]“I walked my dog at 11 pm nightly before, during & after Ferguson riots & was never shot. Trump speaking to suburban fantasies. This man Trump said if you walk down the street in Akron, you getting shot. I guess I just been getting lucky for the past 20 years.”

[Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]