‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Mary Winchester Returns: Mary and Dean ‘Strangers To Each Other’ [Video]

Are you wondering how Supernatural Season 12 will work now that Mary Winchester has returned? It’s going to be interesting, especially between Mary and her elder son Dean. Jensen Ackles explained all to Access Hollywood, sharing that the two are “strangers to each other” despite being mother and son.

The Supernatural Season 11 finale was a moment so many fans had been waiting for since the beginning but never really thought was possible or going to ever happen. Mary Winchester returned; a thank you gift from Amara to Dean as he helped to fix her bond with brother God. The final moments for Dean in Season 11 left fans with many questions.

Just what does Mary remember? She returned in her nightgown from 33 years ago, suggesting that she has been pulled out of this time. Did she get to heaven, or will the last thing she remember be on the ceiling of Sam’s nursery, burning because of the Yellow-Eyed Demon?

“Yes, they’re mother and son, but this is a woman that Dean does not know.”

Supernatural star Ackles makes it sound like she is being plucked straight out of 1983. He even makes the point that some fans would never even have considered that Mary doesn’t even know what the internet is! The whole world will be different for her, and while dealing with coming back from the dead she will have to deal with all these changes.

It will also be difficult for mother and son. They are “strangers to each other,” as Ackles explained. This is a woman Dean doesn’t really know. The memories he has are from when he was four. He has met Mary since, but that was her 1973-1978 version of herself. This Mary — a mother of two — will be very different.

Mary And Dean Are Strangers In 'Supernatural' Season 12
Image: CW

To make matters worse for Mary, her sons became the one thing she didn’t want: supernatural hunters. She had tried to get her family away from that life, and her death proved that it was a pointless venture. What will she feel and do now that she realizes her actions on that night in 1983 have led them to this life that she walked away from? How will she feel when she realizes that everyone Dean and Sam loved have gone because of the hunting life?

Ackles went on in the interview to share that it’s not just Mary who is affected by these changes. Dean will also somewhat suffer, as there is another way evil can get to him. She has almost become a liability, because he will do anything to keep her safe. This is especially the case now that he has her back. He has already lost her once, and he isn’t going to let anyone do her harm again.

For Dean that means vulnerability. He rarely opens his heart up to people anymore, because he knows that they are at risk by doing that. To keep Lisa and Ben safe he asked Castiel to change their memories to completely forget about him. It would help to protect them, since the supernatural world wouldn’t use them to get to Dean.

This will be a difficult adjustment for both mother and son. To make matters worse, Sam doesn’t know Mary has returned yet and is currently being held captive by the Men of Letters. Dean will have to save him, and take Mary along for the ride.

What do you think about the way Mary Winchester has been brought back to Supernatural? How will things be affected in Season 12 with her return?

Supernatural Season 12 premieres on Thursday, October 13 at 9/8c on the CW. There isn’t long to wait now!

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