Vicki Gunvalson On ‘RHOC’ Co-Star’s Pregnancy: ‘I Feel Bad For Meghan’

Vicki Gunvalson hasn’t exactly been on Meghan King Edmonds’ good side on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. While Meghan can be in the same room as Gunvalson, she has no plans of forgiving her for everything that went down between them. In fact, King Edmonds would probably prefer to just move on without having Vicki in her life. But Gunvalson feels that she has apologized for her behavior and she has no problem starting over with her co-stars.

According to a new Bravo report, Vicki Gunvalson has no problem commenting on Meghan’s IVF journey, even though she isn’t a part of it. Interestingly enough, Gunvalson revealed that she found the discussion about IVF gross and when the ladies talked about insemination using the “turkey baster” method, she openly said that it was gross. And yet in her blog, Vicki Gunvalson reveals that she feels bad for Meghan that she has to go through this entire experience alone.

“I felt bad for Meghan on this week’s episode that Jim was not there to experience the implant of their two embryos. To me he just seems so disinterested. I know that will change once he holds his baby, but during this process he looks so removed. I think they made a wise decision about implanting two embryos, both a boy and girl not really knowing which one or if both of them would take or not,” Vicki Gunvalson reveals in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, sharing that she feels that Jimmy could have done a lot better since his wife really wants this child.

Throughout this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, King Edmonds has expressed that she’s disappointed in the way her husband doesn’t seem interested in the entire journey. He has missed some crucial doctor’s appointments. Of course, he is working some of the time, but other times, he has chosen to play golf with his friends rather than be by her side. While Edmonds can possibly move on from the absence, Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t feel like it is a good start to the journey.

On the other hand, Vicki didn’t realize how many of her friends in the OC had undergone IVF to have a child. Some of her co-stars have been very open about their experiences with IVF, including Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd. Maybe after hearing about her friends’ experiences with IVF Vicki is less hesitant to call the process “gross.”

“I didn’t realize how many of my friends here in OC had IVF, as where I’m from in Chicago I didn’t know anyone that did. It’s a whole new “baby making process” for me to learn about. Of the five friends, Kelly, Meghan and Heather all had IVF which is ironic. I think it’s quite a miracle on how a baby can be conceived outside of the womb and the fact that you can choose the gender due to modern technology. That’s pretty incredible,” Vicki Gunvalson explains in her blog for Bravo.

According to Life And Style, Edmonds has been sharing her pregnancy journey on a separate Instagram account for those who are going through a similar experience. She wanted her Real Housewives of Orange County fans to see what the entire process was like. It is definitely admirable that she’s opening up about her journey. Her experience was a successful one the first time around and she’s now expecting a little baby girl.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s comments about Meghan King Edmonds’ IVF journey? Do you feel bad for her that her husband isn’t around as much for the process?

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