Virginia Beheading Attack: Wasil Rafat Farooqui Arrested After ISIS Style Beheading Attempt

An ISIS style beheading attack occurred in Roanoke, Virginia, on Saturday evening. Wasil Rafat Farooqui was arrested after attempting to stab a woman and behead a man outside of their home, according to police reports. The FBI has opened an investigation to determine if Farooqui has ties to organized terrorism groups.

Wasil Rafat Farooqui shouted “Allah Akbar” before the beheading attack in Virginia, the Daily Mail notes. The victims in the attack survived but reportedly sustained “permanent impairment.” The horrific attack happened at The Pines apartment complex on Banbury Lane.

“The FBI is working with the police department following the incident that occurred on Saturday evening,” FBI special agent in charge at the Richmond Division, Adam Lee, said. “While I cannot discuss details of the investigation at this time, I do want to reassure the community that we are working to determine the nature of the incident.”

The ISIS style beheading attack victims were selected at random, according to the early findings by law enforcement investigators. Agents investigating the Virginia beheading attack have confirmed the Muslim man had “no connection” to either the male or female victims. The FBI has “been aware” of Farooqui for quite a while, ABC News reports.

Wasil Rafat Farooqui, 20, was born in America but recently attempted to sneak into Syria so he could join an ISIS terrorist training camp. He traveled to Turkey but was caught before he could cross the border into Syria and join the Islamic State.

The couple was entering their apartment building on Saturday evening when Farooqui approached them and attacked before they could get inside, police investigators say.

“While officers were at the hospital with the victims, a male, subsequently identified as 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui of Roanoke County, came into the emergency room suffering from injuries of his own. He met the description of the suspect in the stabbing,” Adam Lee also added.

“They are here,” retired General Michael Flynn said when responding to questions about ISIS being in America.

Flynn, now an adviser to Donald Trump, served as a top intelligence official in the Obama administration. General Flynn is warning Americans that ISIS militants or sympathizers are living covert lives in the United States, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Flynn went on to maintain he is aware of approximately 1,000 incidents where ISIS adherents have been caught while plotting terror attacks on American soil. The newspaper also confirmed “scores” of non-Americans have been arrested in the United States on terrorism related charges in the past several months.

General Michael Flynn discusses intelligence reports President Barack Obama allegedly received about ISIS.

“The director of the FBI has said it. There are dozens and dozens and dozens, and I think the number I’ve heard is 1,000, but I don’t know the exact numbers. But I do know there are a lot of cases against members inspired or directed by the Islamic State in this country,” General Flynn said.

General Flynn is also calling for the Obama administration to be more transparent with the American people about the threats posed by ISIS within the United States.

“We ought to expose it, expose its [ISIS’s] weaknesses, expose its dangers to the American public. We’re a tough crowd. The American public is tough. We can take the truth,” Flynn added.

Wasil Rafat Farooqui was charged with two counts of malicious wounding and is being held without bond. He is being held at the Western Virginia Regional Jail. The names of the ISIS style beheading and knife attack victims have not been released to the public. It is not currently known if Farooqui has an attorney.

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