‘Guilt’ Season 2: Cliffhangers From ‘Guilt’ Summer Series Finale Leave Viewers Asking For More

Will there be a Guilt Season 2? Fans of Guilt are asking that question after Monday night’s dramatic ending to Season 1. The finale that made its debut on ABC’s Freeform at 9 p.m. ET left a lot of questions unanswered. While viewers did find out who killed Molly Ryan during the summer series finale on Monday night, they were also left with a lot of new cliffhangers. Will those questions be answered in a Guilt Season 2, or will the story come to an abrupt close, a question posed by Bustle on Monday before the Season 1 finale even aired.

Guilt didn’t get a huge following during the 10 episodes of Season 1, but the less than one million very loyal viewers that tuned in every week to watch the Molly Ryan murder mystery unfold are asking for some loose ends to be tied up, and what better way to do that than with a Guilt Season 2. But, according to Bustle, “Grace Atwoods’s story could just end abruptly,” as Season 1 wrapped up with the series finale on Monday night. If so, that would leave a lot of viewers hanging with several questions left unanswered.

Monday night’s episode managed to open up a whole new can of worms, even though Molly’s killer was revealed — which is all that viewers really wanted to know. Luc, Grace’s boyfriend, confessed to killing Molly, after viewers were led to believe through nine grueling and suspenseful episodes that the killer could have been Finch, or Prince Theo, or even Grace.

But as Monday night’s Guilt Season 1 finale unfolded and came to an end, viewers were left less than satisfied and are now asking for a Guilt Season 2 to find out if Prince Theo survived being shot, who really shot Prince Theo, if Detective Bruno and Gwen hook up after drinks, if Stan’s daughter, Veena Patel, will come around and want to get to know him, if Patrick and Kaley stay together, and, finally, to find out what will happen to Grace after Natalie caught her in the act of murdering Roz.

“What did you do?” asks a horrified Natalie.

So many new questions that need to be answered. Or will ABC and Freeform just leave Guilt fans hanging for all of eternity. Let’s hope not. But, according to IB Times on Tuesday, ABC has yet to order a spot on Freeform for a Guilt Season 2. The Guilt Season 1 series finale recap says that even though more storylines were opened up for the remaining characters on Monday night’s episode, Freeform has not yet confirmed a Guilt Season 2. New seasons for TV shows are typically announced prior to the end of a current season, but lack of response from ABC Family Worldwide about a possible second season for Guilt has left fans feeling uneasy.

The Guilt TV website outlined everything viewers learned about Guilt during the “explosive” season finale. But it’s not what viewers learned that’s making them uneasy, it’s what they didn’t learn, and whether or not they’ll even get to Guilt Season 2. Fans are saying that Guilt Season 1 was “crazy,” and now they can’t wait for a Season 2. But will there even be a Guilt Season 2? Fans are expecting a Season 2.

Guilt was met with mixed reviews after the pilot episode aired on June 13. The pilot episode of Guilt actually had the most viewers out of the 10 episodes, with views dipping quite a bit with the second episode and staying low throughout the rest of the eight episodes. Rotten Tomatoes only gave Guilt a 60 percent approval rating out of 10 critics who said that overall Guilt was a “fun, sensationalized soap,” but had “over-packed twists, weak dialogue, and unrealistic behavior.”

But even though a Guilt Season 2 spot hasn’t been officially announced by Freeform, what might put fans’ minds at ease is that IMDB still shows the British/American mystery drama TV series as ongoing with no end date. Maybe the network is holding off on Guilt Season 2 because, according to TV Series Finale, Guilt has been Freeform’s lowest-rated scripted TV series, with views just behind Kevin From Work, a 2015 10-episode comedy series that was canceled after only one season. New mysteries were opened up on the Season 1 finale episode for a possibility of a Guilt Season 2, but Freefrom still has the option to cancel the series based on ratings, which brings to mind the question of whether or not viewers would even watch a Guilt Season 2.

What do you think? Should Guilt return with a Season 2 to address all of the new unanswered questions left from the Season 1 finale, or do you think Freeform should go ahead and cancel the series altogether?

CarterMatt.com seems to think that the future of Guilt is not entirely optimistic at this point.

“Unfortunately, at the moment we’re not altogether optimistic about the future when we look at the live+same day ratings, which are traditionally the measure that means the most in terms of cementing a show’s future on the air. As of right now, Guilt season 1 is averaging just over a 0.1 rating, which is the sort of rating that very rarely, if ever, leads to a show being renewed for more down the road.”

According to Daisy Head, who plays Grace Atwood, Guilt is the show that just “keeps on giving.” But will it really? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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