Marcus Bellamy: Broadway Dancer Charged With Killing Partner Claimed Donald Trump Will Die Before November Elections

Broadway dancer Marcus Bellamy, who has been charged with the murder of his gay partner, claimed that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump would die before the November elections in one of the eerie posts he made on Facebook last week.

Bellamy, 32, strangled his partner Bernardo Almonte during a fight in their home in Morris Heights, Bronx, according to the NY Daily News. He reportedly confessed the crime to a neighbor, who called the cops.


Police said Almonte was found lying with his face to the ground and bleeding from a head injury on Friday afternoon. He also had bite marks on his shoulder. Almonte, 27, was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, Variety reported.

Before his arrest, Bellamy confessed to murdering Almonte in a series of disturbing posts on Facebook in which he also claimed to be in contact with God.

Prior to killing Almonte on Friday, Bellamy disclosed on Facebook on Thursday that God had revealed to him that Trump would die before the U.S. presidential elections in November. According to Bellamy, Trump would pass away from a mysterious, incurable illness.

According to NY Daily News, Bellamy has been charged with murder and manslaughter for killing Almonte. It is unclear if the police would question Bellamy about his claim that Trump would die soon.

Marcus Bellamy Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump scans a crowd of supporters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. [Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]Trump’s controversial statements have made him unpopular among some groups. Bellamy is not the first person to hint about Trump’s impending death. In May, during a protest outside a Trump-rally in California, a protester held a sign stating that Trump would be murdered by the cartel within a week if he is voted into power, Breitbart reported. Also, in June, a British man was arrested after he attempted to get hold of an officer’s gun to kill Trump, the Guardian reported.

Bellamy’s posts on Facebook reflect that he was a deeply religious person.

It also shows that he was disturbed mentally as he frequently made references to the rapture, even after murdering Almonte.

After confessing that he had murdered Almonte to a neighbor, eyewitnesses say Bellamy stood on the sidewalk and looked at the sky with his hands in the air. A neighbor said it appeared as though he was praying, NY Daily News reported.


Marcus Bellamy, who told during a 2012 interview that he started dancing at the age of 8 to 9 in Florida, worked as a backup dancer in the Broadway musical Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark. He was also part of the ensemble of the Tarzan Broadway musical in 2016, NY Daily News reported.

He reportedly also appeared in NBC’s music drama television series Smash, as well as the movies Across the Universe and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

During the interview with, Bellamy said seeing a child on the subway with a Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark shirt made him think about whether the kid had just seen him on the Broadway show and whether he was a “positive influence or an inspiration.”

“I was just realizing that, you know, when we’re out there and when we’re on stage we have a responsibility to inspire and, you know, to encourage people, and to give the best show you can,” he said.

The police revealed that Bellamy has an arrest record dating back to 2007. However, all four times he had been arrested, it was not related to anything violent.

It is unclear when Marcus Bellamy would appear in court for a formal hearing of the charges he has been leveled with.

A source told NY Daily News that Bellamy was taken to a hospital to receive medical attention over the weekend after he complained of chest pains. The police have not revealed any information about the state of his health.

[Photo by Eric Risber/AP Photo]