Young Mona Lisa Was Painted By Da Vinci, Claims Expert

Leonardo da Vinci may have painted a younger, happier version of his Mona Lisa.

Discovery News reports that art experts have been debating the origin of the the Young Mona Lisa, known as the Isleworth Mona Lisa, since it was uncovered ‬by English art collector Hugh Blaker in 1913. The painting shows a woman standing in an identical pose as the woman in the famous painting. Experts have argued that the younger painting shows “an authentic” smile compared to the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic grin.

The painting, along with a 320 page book providing “‬historical,‭ ‬comparative and scientific evidence‭” that the painting is an authentic Da Vinci, will be unveiled in Geneva this Thursday.

So is it really the work of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Foundation member and art historian Stanley Feldman, said:

“We have investigated this painting from every relevant angle and the accumulated information all points to it being an earlier version of the Giaconda in the Louvre.”

But others aren’t so sure. Martin Kemp, ‬emeritus professor of the history of art at Oxford,‭ believes that the painting was made by a copycat.

Kemp said:

“‬So much is wrong.‭ ‬The dress,‭ ‬the hair and background landscape.‭ ‬This one is also painted on canvas,‭ ‬which Leonardo rarely did. ‬She might look younger but this is probably because the copyist,‭ ‬and I believe it is a copy done a few years after the Mona Lisa,‭ ‬just painted it that way.”

Here’s a photo of the Young Mona Lisa.

young mona lisa

Do you think Leonardo Da Vinci painted two copies of his famous painting?