Sarah Herron And Daniel Maguire Comment On Her ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Departure

Was Sarah Herron devastated over leaving Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 early without having found love with any of the men there, in particular, Daniel Maguire? On Monday night, as the latest episode of the reality show aired, Sarah Herron admitted that she was sad about leaving, not because of any man but because it meant she had to leave her friend Carly Waddell.

Carly, who was also on the show’s second season with Sarah, tweeted that she was so sad when Sarah left that she couldn’t stop crying.

In response, Sarah tweeted that she was more sad about leaving Carly than she was about leaving any of the men.

Carly, in turn, told Sarah that she loves her.

Sarah also received support from Catherine Giudici, with whom she competed for Sean Lowe on the 17th season of The Bachelor. Catherine tweeted that while she likes the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, she likes Sarah more. Sarah thanked Catherine for her tweet.

As fans of the franchise well know, Sean and Catherine got engaged on that season’s finale episode. Their wedding was televised on ABC on January 2014, making Sean the only Bachelor star so far to actually marry his final pick. Catherine gave birth to their son, Samuel Thomas, about seven weeks ago.

Sarah and Catherine have remained friends since their time together on The Bachelor. A week ago, Sarah appeared on the Bachelor in Paradise after-show, After Paradise, which is hosted by Sean. Catherine posted a photo of herself, Sean and their son with Sarah while backstage at the talk show. They all wore a t-shirt promoting and benefiting Sarah’s charity, She Lifts.

On Twitter on Monday night, Sarah also commented on Daniel’s decision to give Haley his rose rather than her.

Earlier on Bachelor in Paradise, Sarah Herron and Daniel Maguire formed an unlikely friendship and romantic connection. Daniel wooed Sarah, at one point going so far as setting up a romantic impromptu date for her. They connected with one another as they talked about feeling like outsiders. Sarah, who loved how Daniel made her laugh but worried whether he would ever show her that he had a serious side, was happy to see Daniel share a more genuine, vulnerable and authentic side of himself.

When Christian Bishop, who like Daniel was on JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, entered with a date card and asked Sarah out on a date, Daniel was sad that he was possibly losing Sarah. Christian and Sarah ended up having a great date, with Sarah going so far as describing it as the best date she has ever had in her life. Yet when she talked to Daniel upon her return, she admitted to him that she missed him while out on the date and had wished that she was out with him.

At the ensuing rose ceremony, Sarah chose to give her rose to Daniel rather than Christian. During his exit interview, Christian commented that he, unlike Christian, was a real man and that Sarah made a mistake.

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On last week’s episodes, Carly Waddell and Sarah set up their own double date for Evan Bass and Daniel. The four had a fun night of dinner and drinks at Carly and Sarah’s apartment.

When Ashley Iaconetti later showed up and asked Daniel out on a date, Sarah was clearly disappointed. During his date with Ashley, Daniel seemingly forgot all about Sarah. During his confessional interview, Daniel voiced excitement over Ashley’s virgin status and pondered whether he’ll be the first man with whom Ashley has sex with. Daniel even outright asked Ashley if she was interested in having sex.

On the latest episode, it was the men’s turn to hand out the roses. Sarah, hoping to get Daniel’s rose, treated him to a birthday cake.

Ashley and the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, also wanted Daniel’s rose. Emily convinced Haley to act like she was into Daniel and to kiss him. “You will love it and you will swallow it,” Emily told Haley when she worried about vomiting over having to kiss Daniel. Haley did as she was told, telling Daniel that she’s “interested” in him. Daniel, in turn, told her that she has an “amazing” butt and going in for the kiss.

The kiss worked as Daniel gave his rose to Haley and Emily, who leave or stay as a package deal. This meant that Sarah and Ashley were sent home.

Unlike Sarah, however, Ashley got a second chance when she demanded to be driven back and then begged the others to let her stay. Ashley promised that she was going to be more open to love and to and stop obsessing about Jared Haibon. They agreed to let her stay.

Yet despite what happened on Bachelor in Paradise, it seems that Sarah and Daniel are still friends. A week ago, Daniel posted a photo of himself with Sarah watching an episode.

Daniel showed Sarah’s charity support by donning her charity’s t-shirt.

Also a week ago, Sarah posted a snapshot from their impromptu date and declared Daniel as “something special” who makes her feel more understood. She thanked Daniel for making her laugh so hard.

What exactly happened between the two after such a promising beginning? As the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired, Daniel Maguire explained that he didn’t give his rose to Sarah Herron because he didn’t have a strong enough romantic connection with her and didn’t want to lead her on. He added that he could not have seen marriage with her. Yet he also said that Sarah has many great qualities and that any guy would be lucky to meet her. He confirmed that they’re still friends by saying that he’s glad that they made a life-long friendship with one another.

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