‘Celebrity Big Brother’ News: Frankie Grande Nominated For Eviction, Faces Katie Waissel’s Wrath After Being Accused Of Labeling Her ‘Unstable’ [Video]

Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Frankie Grande is nominated for eviction and faced heat for nominating fellow player Katie Waissel.

Although two of the three Americans in the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother house are safe from nomination this week, it all kicked off after Frankie Grande found he was nominated and was accused of labeling another houseguest, Katie Waissel, “unstable.”

In Monday night’s episode of the series, Celebrity Big Brother houseguests were seen nominating other players for eviction face-to-face. Then, cast mates were required to go through a process that not only informed houseguests whether they were safe or would face the public vote this week, but also revealed just who nominated them for eviction.

The Celebrity Big Brother cast members sat in a circle wearing a board – of sorts – around their necks, and when called upon by big brother, one-by-one houseguests stood up and peeled off the front of their boards, which revealed if they’d been nominated and by whom.

Of the Americans in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, and singer Aubrey O’Day escaped nominations, however, Frankie, the older brother of pop star Ariana Grande, received the requisite number of houseguest votes to cause him to be nominated for eviction.

U.K. reality star Stephen Bear is automatically up for eviction every week due to a twist in the game that allowed his fellow cast members early on to curse him with eternal nominations.

In general, all seemed to go well, as singer Samantha Fox, actor Ricky Norwood, U.K. reality star Marnie Simpson, former X Factor U.K. star Katie, and Frankie all learned they were nominated for eviction and would face the scrutiny of the British public.

Frankie learned Katie, Samantha, and Bear nominated him, while Katie’s board revealed Frankie and Ricky gave her their nominations. After the reveal, Katie seemed to slowly unravel and then became heated when she heard Frankie “labeled her unstable,” according to Particle News.

At one point in Monday’s episode, Katie was seen sitting down with Frankie in front of the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom’s makeup station, and the two seemed quite amicable. Frankie told Katie he’d seen a lot of “growth” in her, but had to nominate someone, noting, he had a “gut feeling” she was “coming” for him because they are “the same person.” Nonetheless, Katie said she was surprised he nominated her saying, “You were the last person I would have thought… would have done.”

Then, in the next breath, after Frankie retorted with, “…I thought you were going to nominate me,” Katie blurted out, “I thought you were nominating me… so that’s why I nominated you…” Frankie found the whole thing a bit funny, as they both discussed getting somewhat disconnected from one another during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. They both then laughed up a storm and that was that, or so it seemed.

Later in the evening, however, Katie expressed to other houseguests how disappointed she was that Frankie nominated her and didn’t believe he saw her as a threat. She then went to the Celebrity Big Brother Diary Room to vent her anger about Frankie and his game play.

As the evening went on, Katie became even more wound up and confronted Frankie in the bedroom with Aubrey close by. Katie told Frankie she had “mad respect” for him but still didn’t understand why he chose her to nominate. Frankie simply stated, “Because I thought you were going to come for me.”

Katie, although she was one of the houseguests who nominated Frankie asked, “Why? You’re the last person I was going to come for.” He responded with, “Well, you did.” Katie began to say, “Because I…” when Aubrey interjected and stated, “Frankie, she’s asking… is there something about her personality or whatever that you’ve seen as weak?”

Although Frankie answered, “No,” Aubrey went on with, “I think he… there’ve been conversations about people feeling you’re weak.” When Katie questioned her, Aubrey added that cast members have discussed Katie’s instability, as Frankie continued to state he didn’t believe such things.

Frankie then told Katie, “It has nothing to do with you being a weak person. In fact, I thought that you were just out for strong people, so it made sense to me that you would be coming for me.” Katie appeared to suddenly lose her cool at this point and loudly stated, “Wow! Wow,” which she continued to repeat as she stormed out of the room.

Aubrey and Frankie sat in the bedroom shocked as Aubrey proclaimed, “She’s losing it.” Aubrey then asked Frankie why he didn’t just say to Katie he thought she was unstable when he’s noted it before. He asserted, “…I’m not going to say that to an unstable person… I’m not crazy.”

Renee Followed Katie into the bathroom where she continued to yell, “Wow!” and shouted an obscenity laced rant. Aubrey made her way to the bathroom and asked Katie, “What is going on?” as Katie repeated several times, “I don’t want to know.” Frankie finally spoke to Katie and she asked if he finds her unstable.

Frankie told her, “If I ever did use the word unstable to describe you, I apologize to your face. You know me… I speak a lot of words… and I don’t mean a lot of them… I don’t recall ever using that word, and I apologize if I did…”

This Celebrity Big Brother episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, as seen in the show and reported by Digital Spy, Katie left the bathroom and stormed off to the Diary Room, where she demanded her money for the show and to immediately go home.

[Image via Channel 5]