Gigi Hadid Almost Exposes Nipple, Shows Legs For Days On Vacay

Gigi Hadid is not shy when it comes to showing off her body. So it’s no surprise that her latest bikini shot looks kind of NSFW.

The 21-year-old model has been taking to social media to share some racy and revealing bikini photos that would put the Kardashian and Jenner sisters to shame. In one of her photos posted to Snapchat on Wednesday, Aug. 17, it made Hadid look like she was nearly naked in the snapshot. She was seen wearing a white mesh bikini top that looked like it revealed her breasts underneath but actually featured a nude lining, according to Us Weekly.

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Gigi paired her hot bikini look with white cut-out bikini bottoms, a gold necklace, and a sexy silver body chain with a crystallized pendant. Gigi is reportedly on vacation with her boyfriend Zayn Malik. During the past week, she has taken to both Instagram and Snapchat to share some other bikinis selfies.

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According to Hollywood Life, the couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Hadid was spotted wearing another barely-there black bikini while Malik, 23, rocked a pair of bright orange board shorts. They were spotted holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes during their Tahitian beach vacation. Hadid and Malik were also spotted hugging and kissing in the gorgeous waters while having fun kayaking.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Rock an Intimate Vacation in Tahiti!

— Cambiar Celebrity (@cambiarceleb) August 20, 2016

The former 1D singer stripped down to nothing but a pair of briefs and rode their kayak as Gigi hung out. It looks like Zayn is taking a note out of Orlando Bloom’s book when The Lord of the Rings star was spotted paddleboarding nude as Katy Perry rode in the front.

Since then, Gigi has been showing legs for days. She took to Instagram once again to share another sizzling photo of her incredible bod. According to the Daily Mail, Gigi took to the photo-sharing app on Sunday, Aug. 21 to share a photo of her legs while she was still on her Tahitian vacation with Zayn.


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In the photo, she’s seen wearing a pair of tiny orange print bikini bottoms. Hadid poked fun at her legs by simply captioning the photo, “hotdogs.” According to the British outlet, Hadid was poking fun at the 2013 trend of posting photos on social media and asking if it was a pair of legs or hotdogs.

As for Gigi and Zayn, they are “back to normal” and “closer than ever” after their up-and-down relationship back in June, according to a source that spoke exclusively to E! News. The couple briefly split around the same time that Gigi’s BFF, Taylor Swift, ended her 15-month relationship with DJ Calvin Harris.

“They got through a rough patch that Zayn was facing personally and it started to put on a dark cloud on their relationship. Gigi was there for him when he needed her the most and that brought them closer than ever.”

The blonde beauty has also found the time to fight back at body-shamers on Instagram, according to Vanity Fair. Hadid’s fans weren’t happy with her leaner and stronger body, calling her scary skinny. After posting a picture of her insane figure on vacation, Hadid responded to a comment from a fan who said they were sad to see she lost weight to fit in with the modeling world.

“It’s called growing up,” she wrote. “I loved my body as a 17-year-old athlete and I love my body now. Yes, I’ve lost some ‘baby fat,’ but the muscle mass from my intensive volleyball training in high school has changed over the years into lean muscle from boxing, and work stress can have its affect [sic], but purposefully changing my body has never been my thing. I still eat what I want, I’m still strong, and I’m still healthy.”

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Last year, Bella was slammed for looking curvier than her fellow models on the runway. Blanca Padilla, a model who also walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, hinted on the Spanish show Al Rincón that Hadid did not get the gig due from her hard work, but due to nepotism.

“Most of us have to conform to extreme measurements because otherwise we won’t book any jobs while others have the privilege to say that designers love them despite their curves. Well then, why do they love you? Maybe your millions of followers on Instagram might have something to do with it as well.”

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