Jady Duarte: Woman Seen In Photos In Bed With Usain Bolt Was The Wife Of Notorious Brazilian Drug Lord Killed By Police In March

Jady Duarte is now known to the world as the student photographed in bed with track star Usain Bolt just after the Olympics came to an end, but the 20-year-old actually has a more notorious reputation within her native Rio de Janeiro.

The cheating scandal erupted on Monday, when pictures emerged showing Bolt kissing and laying in bed with Duarte after a party in Rio. The 20-year-old said she slept with Bolt and then shared some pictures of their encounter with friends.

The photos of their tryst soon leaked, quickly spreading across the internet, Hollywood Life noted. And Jady Duarte has wasted no time in talking about the affair, speaking to Rio media outlet Extra about her regret over the incident and noting that she is “dying of shame.”

Duarte said Bolt spotted her in a nightclub, then sent security over to talk to her.

“At the time [I] did not even know it was him, because they were many Jamaicans,” Jady said “It was not a big deal. It was normal…I’d rather not talk about it, to not complicate[it].”

Duarte said she knew Bolt’s identity by the time the two slept together.

As the story blows up, more details are emerging about the notorious past for the 20-year-old Jady Duarte. As the U.K.’s Sun noted, she is the widow of former drug lord Douglas Donato Pereira, also known as Dina Terror, who was killed in a shootout with police just five months ago.

“According to police, Jady Duarte’s ex Douglas Donato Pereira was responsible for torturing and murdering a teenage girl in September 2014 and played a big part in the narcotics trade at the Faz Quem Quer slum in Rio de Janeiro,” the report noted.

Pereira was a notorious criminal within Rio, Hollywood Life added.

“Prior to his death, Pereira would post photos of himself on social media, posing with guns and boasting about how he was the ‘terror of policeman.’ He also referred to himself as the Lord of War. Police eventually tracked him down in his home, and he was killed in a shootout.”

Jady Duarte was devastated at her husband’s killing, posting a memorial on Facebook saying she would see him again in Heaven.

“In eternity, I will be with my love the way I always wanted, because in heaven all the time is time to be happy,” she wrote (via the Sun). “God will take you in, it’s my hope that in eternity I will see you.”

Reports from Brazil also indicate that Jady has two children from her marriage to Pereira.

Though Jady Duarte said she is ashamed by the publicity of her tryst with Usain Bolt, the gold medal-winning sprinter is likely just as embarrassed. He had just come forward in recent weeks to reveal the identity of his longtime girlfriend, Kasi Bennett.

Though the two have dated for more than two years, Bolt said that he wanted to keep her away from the unwanted attention of being in the spotlight.

“I have explained to her that when it comes out, it’s not going to be as she thinks it’s going to be,” Bolt told Ian Boyne in January. “A lot of people will try to attack her, so I tell her to just take it easy and let’s make sure that you’re ready for this.”

“I don’t definitely hide, but we don’t try to put it out in the media like ‘Here she is,’ because I personally know what’s going to happen,” he continued.

Kasi Bennett is now getting plenty of attention — as is Jady Duarte. Both women’s names were among the most-searched terms of Google on Monday, with people across the world looking for information on Usain Bolt’s alleged affair and his potential ex-girlfriend.

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