August 23, 2016
Kate, William And Harry Have Sent Personal Letters To Every Single British Olympian Congratulating Them On Their Record-Breaking Success

In a letter just posted on the Kensington Palace Twitter page, Kate, William And Harry together have sent personal letters to every single member of Team GB, congratulating each Olympian on their record-breaking success. Writing to the 366 athletes representing Great Britain, they told them that they followed their performances in Rio and called them an "inspiration to us all." They further expressed their patriotic pride by ending the letter with an enthusiastic "well done!" with their proper names simply written below the letter. So, what else did this special letter say?

The letter, written on Kensington Palace letterhead, expressed their pleasure in watching the performances of the athletes. They also wrote that they stayed up late, obviously watching the events live, as they cheered on Team GB. In addition, the royal trio expressed the effort and sacrifice each Olympian had to make in order to become an elite athlete and achieve success in their sport.

In addition, the avid sports fans acknowledged that living up to the success of the 2012 London Olympic Games was a "hard act to follow," yet this group of athletes impressed Great Britain with their record-breaking accomplishments.

"Congratulations to Team GB on your record-breaking success at Rio 2016."

We have really enjoyed following your achievements across such a wide variety of sports during the last two weeks. London 2012 was a hard act to follow, but you have made the entire country proud of everything you have accomplished."

"You should arrive home knowing that you have delighted millions of people across the Home Nations, many of whom have stayed up late, night after night, to share in your celebrations."

"We all know that this success does not come easy and is the culmination of years of hard work, passionate commitment, sheer grit and determination. You are an inspiration to us all, young and old."

"To everyone associated with Team GB--well done! We hope you have all enjoyed the experience as much as we have back home."

"William Catherine Harry"

There is no doubt that William, Catherine, using her formal name, and Harry are immensely proud of Team GB! Great Britain had outstanding success at the Summer Olympic Games, earning 27 gold medals, 23 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals. This was a record-breaking accomplishment.
Not to be outdone by her grandchildren, Queen Elizabeth has sent her own congratulatory letter to each of the 366 members of Team GB. Although the Queen's letter was shorter, she generously expressed her avid appreciation for the hard work that each Olympic athlete had to endure to excel at their chosen sport and "contributed to this remarkable achievement."
"I offer my warmest congratulations to the athletes of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Commonwealth, for their success at this year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro."

"The outstanding performance of Team GB reflects the talent and hard work of the athletes and their support teams."

"I send my best wishes to all those who contributed to this remarkable achievement."


Besides these framable letters, the Team GB Olympic athletes will honored in person by the royal family sometime this year. There is no date scheduled as of yet. Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with baby Princess Charlotte and Prince George, will be making an official trip to Canada the last week of September and returning in early October. Unless the royal family scrambles to arrange the proper festive gathering for the esteemed Olympians, we could safely assume that this will take place after the young royals return from their Canadian adventure.

Did you follow Team GB in Rio? What do you think of the royal letters sent to each of the members of Team GB?

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]