‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Another Rapper During Nia Riley Feud

The feud between Soulja Boy and Nia Riley hit its peak recently when the rapper posted a now-deleted photo to Instagram where he is seen posed with a gun. In the photo caption, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star threatened to shoot another rapper named Skrill Dilly because he believed that Nia Riley had moved on with him.

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have been feuding pretty heavily leading up to the Season 3 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The on-again, off-again couple are definitely off right now, and if they ever do get back together, LHHH fans are going to wonder what in the world is wrong with Nia.

Soulja has slammed his former girlfriend repeatedly on social media. Some of the insults were so ridiculous and cruel that many fans called him out for the constant low-blows. In addition to telling Nia to take off a pair of shoes he claims to have bought her in the comments of one of her Instagram pictures, he also called her a “b***h” and a “h*e.” He said even worse than that about Nia on social media but most of it is not fit for printing.

Nia Riley returned fire when she claimed that she is totally over Soulja Boy. It looks like there won’t be an LHHH reunion for these two former lovers. Nia initially claimed that she was seeing someone else and had moved on from her reality TV ex-boyfriend. Then after Soulja Boy started freaking out on social media, she backtracked and said she’s actually single right now and not dating anyone.

Things took a turn for the worse when a rapper who goes by Skrill Dilly decided to inject himself into the Soulja Boy and Nia Riley feud. The New Orleans rapper claimed that he was Nia Riley’s new man and that seemed to really set Soulja off.

That’s when Soulja Boy posted a picture of himself holding a gun on Instagram and threatened to shoot Skrill Dilly. According to All Hip Hop, Soulja wrote in the caption of the now-deleted photo, “F**k you & Nia Riley. Stop playing with me before some shooters be outside your door.”

Ever since the threat of violence, Skrill Dilly has also been backtracking quickly. On Thursday, the rapper reportedly tweeted a message saying, “Who is @NiaRiley. Never met her b4 but she’s gorgeous,” he tweeted. “I haven’t spoken to any media.”

Soon after, Nia came forward and said that Skrill does, in fact, know her and follows her on social media. She said again that she isn’t dating Skrill Dilly or anyone else and even claimed that he made up the story about dating her to cause an issue with Soulja Boy. Apparently, he didn’t expect the “Crank That” rapper to come out guns blazing, literally.

Soon after Nia Riley’s denial, Skrill Dilly deleted his initial tweet and replaced it with another. This time, he wrote, “@TheShadeRoom for making that up. Me and this woman aren’t involved. #EndOfStory.”

Now the feud between Nia Riley and Soulja Boy has escalated to the point where Skrill Dilly is the target for both of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars. Soon after Skrill took Nia’s side on social media, she turned on him and said he was nothing but an internet troll.

Even though Soulja Boy squashed the beef with Skrill Dilly after offering to shoot him up, Skrill is pretty angry with Nia Riley. He defended himself for defending Nia on Twitter by writing, “So apparently defending a woman being called out her name and playing Captain Save ’em = Internet Troll according to @NiaNRiley.”

Some fans believe that Soulja Boy and Nia Riley cranked up their break-up feud right before the Season 3 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as a publicity stunt to get everyone talking about them as the VH1 reality show began again. Now, the feud has escalated to the point of guns and threats of violence. After an outcry from fans to get Soulja Boy off the show, his rep has come forward and said the gun is fake. Nia has since said that she won’t call the police about the gun threat.

[Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images]