iPhone 5 Survives Barrage Of Gunfire, Other ‘Torture Tests’ [Video]

iPhone 5 torture tests

Now that the initial excitement over the iPhone 5’s release has died down some, somber consumers have turned to testing the new Apple tech’s mettle. Several independent users have been “torture testing” the device (and some, its potential buyers) with some electing to push the battery’s limits and others subjecting the iPhone 5 to gunfire. Yes, gunfire. From a gun.

CNN‘s iPhone 5 journal related a rigorous battery test today in which Rob Pegoraro ran the device’s battery through the usual gamut of tests including talk time, standby time, internet use, and audio and video playback. The result? Pretty darn good, with some reservation:

“After 10 hours Saturday spent checking e-mail, tweeting, reading on the Web and looking up directions a few times, the iPhone 5 still had a 32% charge by that evening. It took another three hours for it to fall below 10%,” he writes, but, “on Sunday, three hours online, five hours of airplane mode on the flight back to D.C. and a couple of quick ‘tethering’ sessions sharing the iPhone 5’s LTE with my laptop combined to drive the battery down to 52 percent.”

Conclusion: “As much as the iPhone 5 advances smartphone battery life, in one aspect it only matches competitors: You’d still be wise to bring a cable and a charger if you’re going to spend a long day with this thing.”

So, now that the practical aspect of this article is through, let’s get to the shooting.

This “torture test” has a bit of a twist: The man in the video isn’t actually firing honest-to-God live ammunition at the iPhone 5 itself but rather a cover device. That’s right, the man in the video is actually an ad-man, trying to convince all of us to buy bullet-proof ClearPlex covers for the iPhone 5 (so long as it didn’t already come scratched).

Looking for protection?

Do you have an iPhone 5? What do you think of it so far?