Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Angry With Clinton Claims, Promises Tax Returns Soon

Donald Trump’s new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is working hard to stay on message. She has recently been in a slew of televised interviews this past weekend trying to do just that. But it seems for every tough question Conway is given, her answer is to insult Hillary Clinton or express anger over one Hillary Clinton claim or another.

The media parade has not been kind to Kellyanne Conway. The Washington Post reported today that Kellyanne Conway shouldn’t have gone on TV.

The Washington Post reported today that Conway’s interview circuit this weekend was “misguided” and “semi-disastrous.” One particular concern they had with her interviews was her defense of Donald Trump’s “condescending speech about African Americans.”

Conway’s response to that in interviews this weekend were that she knows exactly what Trump meant when he said that because she lives in a “white community.” The Washington Post reports that she also said that, as a white person, she was “very moved” by Donald Trump’s statements to the African American community.

When Conway’s given a tough question, she appears to deflect to Hillary Clinton claims. Interviews of Kellyanne Conway with CNN‘s Dana Bash and ABC‘s George Stephanopolous show a lot of stumbling and fumbling from Kelllyanne Conway after this weekend.

One Hillary Clinton claim that Kellyanne is particularly angry about is the recent reports by the Clinton Foundation that they will stop accepting foreign money if Hillary Clinton becomes President. Conway’s most recent tweet is about just this very topic. She says the foundation “needs to change the way they do business.”

If Donald Trump, and all that he is affiliated with, did not accept foreign money, Kellyanne would have a valid point. Her upset about the Clinton Foundation receiving foreign money seems oddly placed.

Kellyanne Conway got her job as campaign manager after former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort was benched after allegations regarding foreign money surfaced. Paul Manafort isn’t the only Trump supporter that has obvious connections with foreign business.

“Shop Ivanka’s look” was tweeted by Ivanka Trump during the Republican National Convention this July. Fortune Magazine reported immediately that Ivanka Trump’s look was made in China.

The BBC also reported that Ivanka Trump has 14,000 fans on Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter. Weibo, a China-based social media platform, also has a page dedicated to “Everything Trump.” Ivanka Trump has also reportedly posted 650 times on Chinese social media.

Those aren’t the only foreign money connections affiliated with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the Kremlin’s candidate according to Politico Magazine.

Donald Trump is also very popular in China, despite his 2015 claims that “China is taking all of our jobs” according to CBS. Yes, it seems China is taking some jobs from Americans.

It also seems that Ivanka Trump is giving some of those jobs away. Perhaps Ivanka Trump should change the way she does business, too?

Kellyanne also recently retweeted a clip of her interview on Good Morning America. In this interview, Conway was angry over Hillary Clinton’s constant insults of Donald Trump.

She said the same thing to George Stephanopolous recently. She said she’s a mother and needs to set a good example, so she won’t resort to personal insults. She also said that Donald Trump doesn’t hurl personal insults.

“I don’t like when people hurl personal insults. That’s not my style, I’m a mother of 4 small children, it would be a terrible example for me… He doesn’t hurl personal insults.”

But, Conway isn’t so slow on the insults. Was she a mother in 2005 when she slammed Hillary Clinton?

CNN‘s Dana Bash recently called her on some of her former statements. CNN highlighted one 2005 statement where Conway slammed Hillary Clinton for “not standing up to a cheating husband.”

In that 2005 statement, Conway put cheating husband, North Korea, and “enemies around the world” in the same category. Watch that clip here.

Kellyanne Conway also had an interview with ABC‘s George Stephanopolous recently. She bumbled on a lot of his direct questions as well, resorting to deflecting concerns and anger over Hillary Clinton’s claims and transparency, when asked about Donald Trump’s.

Conway does not like that Hillary Clinton “insults” Donald Trump’s transparency. Conway said that to George Stephanopolous, and then insulted Hillary Clinton’s transparency.

She also stated that she doesn’t like Clinton’s claims that “tone and temperament” have been an issue for Donald Trump during this campaign. The truth is that it is not just Hillary Clinton making those claims of tone and temperament.

As we previously reported, 123 GOP have defected from Trump and have asked the RNC to do the same over his tone and temperament. But Kelly Conway wants the election to be about facts and figures. Or does she?

Dana Bash from CNN wanted to talk facts and figures with Conway when it comes to tax returns. Long before Conway became Trump’s campaign manager, she said in an interview he needed to be transparent on tax returns. Watch how CNN calls up that statement, and calls Conway on that one too.

After being showed this clip, Conway was asked if America was going to see the tax returns soon. Conway responded, “Well I know something now that I didn’t know before, he’s being audited.”

The audited excuse from Donald Trump has been public for many months now. Kellyanne Conway, who was reportedly pulling for Trump for many months, reportedly just learned Donald Trump’s tax returns are being audited.

She did tell CNN‘s Dana Bash that upon completion of the audit, the tax returns would be released. But she said she’s more angry about Hillary Clinton’s multiple claims and insults than she is Donald Trump’s returns. Once again, while fumbling over issues of Donald Trump’s transparency, she attacked Hillary Clinton’s transparency.

One thing that Conway did say was the promise that upon completion of the alleged audit of Donald Trump’s tax returns, he would release them to the public. It is doubtful that the alleged audit will be completed before November, 2016.

Many, including Hillary Clinton, doubt Donald Trump is being audited at all. Donald Trump has not released any proof that he is being audited by the IRS.

But if he is, Financial Web reports the IRS deadline is 28 months to complete an audit upon initiating it. Trump has been saying for a very long time he’s being audited, but it has not been 28 months, yet.

This means, unless he is elected, America should not expect him to get an inside look at Donald Trump’s tax returns. Watch the whole interview with Kellyanne Conway on ABC‘s “This Week” with George Stephanopolous right here.

It seemed that every question she was asked by either George Stephanopolous or CNN‘s Dana Bash led to Conway citing anger of Hillary Clinton’s claims on one issue or another. It was seen as one massive media fumble after another, with the Washington Post reporting, Conway shouldn’t have gone on TV. Do you think Kellyanne Conway is doing a good job for Donald Trump?

[Photo by Gerald Herbert/AP Images]