John Oliver Calls On Donald Trump To Drop Out [Video]
On last night’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver was clear: Donald Trump should drop out of the 2016 presidential race.

For those of you who don’t know, John Oliver is no fan of Donald Trump. That said, his show has not spent much time on the Republican nominee for president. He simply did not care to talk about many of the 2016 candidates when most of them were running in 2015. And once this year rolled around, he has had several other issues to focus on.

John Oliver Calls On Donald Trump To Drop Out [Video]
HBO host John Oliver has called on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to drop out of the race, 11 weeks before election day. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

But now that the end is in sight, CNN Money reports that John Oliver had a simple message for Donald Trump 11 weeks before America’s election day, and that was to drop out.

“‘If you keep going, you’re going to spend the next 11 weeks ramping up hatred in speeches, injecting poison into the American bloodstream that will take generations to remove, and denying the country the contest of ideas that a presidential campaign should actually be,’ he said. ‘And after that, you’re either going to win or you’re going to lose, and I think both of those scenarios end pretty badly for you. Which is why, Mr. Trump… I would like to propose to you a third option. That is, drop out. Simply drop out, and tell America this entire candidacy was a stunt. A satire designed to expose the flaws in the system.'”

As many of you are aware, Donald Trump has long been known to call others losers. He proclaimed during his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention that he is the only one who can fix America’s problems. John Oliver did not say that Trump had solved America’s problems, but he did highlight four areas where he said Donald Trump exposed flaws in the electorate, according to Vox.

“The media has given him billions of dollars in free airtime for his outrageous remarks, Republican politicians stuck with him even as he insulted the family of a fallen veteran, and much of the public supported him as he insulted minorities and proposed a ban on Muslims entering the country,” Vox reported.

John Oliver also highlighted Trump’s bragging about donating to Democrats and Republicans in past years for access to the politicians, all issues Oliver said show Trump is bringing light into darkness and exposing a flawed electoral system.

John Oliver Calls On Donald Trump To Drop Out [Video]
John Oliver has not spent much of this season of his show talking about Donald Trump, but called on him to drop out of the race on Sunday night's (Aug. 21, 2016) show. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival)

In light of poll numbers showing Trump will lose badly to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton despite the shocking number of Americans who say they do not trust her, John Oliver said dropping out could be the only way for Trump to not do further damage to himself, his family, and his company but instead rise up as a hero of American politics.

The poll numbers do not look good for Trump. Most national polls out have Donald Trump losing to Clinton and the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Clinton with a 5.5 percent lead over her Republican rival (as of Aug. 22, 2016). The Real Clear Politics map of the United States shows Hillary Clinton at 272 electoral votes (as of Aug. 22, 2016), while Trump is sitting at a mere 154. And that is with Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and other states still as toss-ups. In order to win the election, candidates must win only 270 electoral votes, meaning that as of today, Hillary Clinton would win the election. Of course, much can happen in 11 weeks, meaning the media and the public should not count Donald Trump out, but John Oliver sure seems to think dropping out is a better option for Trump than forever being known as a loser.

To see for yourself just how John Oliver laid it out against Donald Trump, watch the video above or on YouTube.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]