‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Rachel Gets Bad News, Ava’s Scheme Progresses, And Elizabeth Gets A Mysterious Package

What can everybody expect from Monday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that Ava will be going to great lengths to keep Kiki and Morgan apart while Elizabeth gets an unusual package. Laura will be considering what should come next for Spencer as Rachel faces some difficult news during a dinner with Naomi. In addition, the August 22 show also brings more with Carly and Nelle, and fans suspect that a shocker is on the way soon regarding these two.

As viewers saw last week, Nelle was urged to stick around Port Charles, and she started developing connections with Carly, Michael, and Josslyn. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that the Port Charles newcomer will try to help Carly in some way, and fans have a hunch that there is a lot more yet to be revealed about this young lady. Carly is said to fire Avery’s nanny for some reason, and it sounds as if Nelle may offer to step in and take her place.

Ava is determined to see Kiki walk away from her relationship with Morgan, and she has tried to convince Dillon to help her. Last week, Ava was seen doing something with Morgan’s medications and it sounds as if she may tamper with them in some way to send him spiraling into another bipolar manic episode. GH spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Ava has something sinister in mind, and she will move forward on her plans during Monday’s show.

Elizabeth and Franco cannot seem to stay away from one another, despite a lack of support for this union via others in their lives. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth is about to get a strange package of some sort, but details on this package remain under wraps for now. Elizabeth is said to be leaning on Franco for support during Tuesday’s show, so could this mysterious package leave her worried and looking to Franco for help?

Rachel is in a difficult spot now that Nikolas is supposedly dead, and GH spoilers share that she will meet up with her mother Naomi for dinner during Monday’s episode. During their dinner, Naomi will reveal that she had her lawyers review Nikolas’ financials, and she has bad news to reveal to her daughter.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Naomi will tell Rachel that Nikolas had put Laura in his will as the trustee of his estate years ago, and he never changed it upon marrying Rachel. She will be stunned to hear of this, as she was banking on being able to control what Nikolas left behind. Naomi pleads with her daughter to head back home with her, urging her to get out of Port Charles and away from Elizabeth. Naturally, that last comment regarding Elizabeth leaves Rachel feeling a bit perplexed.

Fans have been buzzing about the idea that Rachel and Elizabeth may end up being sisters in some way, and all hints point toward that being the case. General Hospital spoilers detail that Rachel will ask Naomi what Elizabeth has to do with anything, and while Naomi will surely come up with some kind of excuse, this conversation definitely adds to the buzz about a secret connection between the ladies.

In addition to the troublesome dinner with her mother, Rachel will have a tense conversation with Laura. Previews hint that Laura will talk with Elizabeth about the possibility of sending Spencer away to boarding school in the wake of Nikolas’ supposed death. However, Rachel overhears this and says that it’ll happen over her dead body. Will she have any power to control what comes next for Spencer? Will she and Laura find a way to work together rather than against one another?

Laura and Kevin are finally embarking on a romance after growing significantly closer over the past few months, and General Hospital spoilers note that Lucy will confront him about the date he arranged with Laura. Lucy clearly still has very strong feelings for Kevin, but she has also tried to back off and give him her blessing on moving on with Laura. Will she find that she isn’t as ready to do this as she thought?

Previews also tease that Jordan will be confronting somebody, telling them to put their hands where she can see them, her gun drawn. What is this teaser all about? Nothing more aside from the preview has touched on this yet, but viewers are anxious to see if this is related to the serial killer case. Later in the week, Jordan will be getting some advice from Andre, and viewers are buzzing over the possibility that he may turn out to be the “Angel of Mercy” serial killer.

Will Rachel figure out a way to take control of Nikolas’ estate? What is the mysterious package that Elizabeth receives, and how does it tie to Franco? How far will Ava go to keep Kiki and Morgan apart, and what is Nelle’s connection to those in Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers tease that big moments are on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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