Voter Fraud: Hillary Clinton Supporter Caught Breaking Nevada State Law As Field Registrar Volunteer

A Hillary Clinton supporter driving a car with a California license plate was spotted in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she was practicing voter fraud. The following video, which recorded the incident, was recorded by Pizzazz Picasso and posted on their YouTube channel.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the woman’s name is Susan Berman and she heads a company called Impact Research International.

People on social media are saying Susan is a Hillary supporter, and that’s a logical conclusion, because why would she be breaking the law for Mrs. Clinton if she didn’t support her?

Upon viewing Berman’s Twitter profile, there’s nothing of great significance on her timeline, at least what’s been tweeted in the past few hours. It does seem, however, that she is retweeting loads upon loads of anti-Hillary content.

The problem with what Berman appears to be doing in Nevada is that it’s illegal, plain and simple.

There are programs out there, such as “Pledge to Vote” or “Rock the Vote” in which volunteers, or field registrars, take it upon themselves to give others the opportunity to register to vote, while handing out information about elections, where they need to go to vote and who is running for office, among other things.

The programs are done at state level, and Nevada law states that field registrars are to be strictly non-partisan. So that image of a crossed out Donald Trump on the back of her clipboard is not in compliance with the rules because by making it known that she does not favor Trump, she is advocating for people to vote against him and thus promoting his opponent.


The Clark County website clearly outlines how Berman broke the law.

“A county clerk, field registrar, employee of a voter registration agency, or person assisting a voter in completing an Application pursuant to NRS 293.5235(13) who commits any of the acts below is guilty of a felony (NRS 293.505(15)) and is subject to a civil penalty of up to $20,000 in addition to any criminal penalties (NRS 293.840).”

Berman committed at least two violations listed under the category. She was “soliciting a vote for or against a question or candidate,” and “distributing a petition or other material concerning a candidate or question that will appear in the next election.”

She also was undoubtedly “speaking to a voter about marking his ballot for or against a question or candidate,” although the video footage did not show her actively doing this.

It’s significant that at first Berman did not deny that she was out there to help others register to vote. She makes sure to inform the person recording the video that she and the guy she was with were registering both Democrats and Republicans.

Susan and her companion then try to smooth things over by saying that she is Democrat and he is a Republican. Then she says she works for the Democratic Party.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what she says, because in the state of Nevada, you cannot show that you favor one candidate or political party over another.

The fact that Susan was driving a car with a California license plate just makes the entire situation that much more fishy. Why on earth would a volunteer registrar travel to a different state to register voters? Because she can’t find anyone in California to register?

Not likely.

The fact that she refused to give the camera guy the slip of paper from her binder is also suspicious.


The obvious question to ask here is why would she not want him to see the handout if she had nothing to hide?

The simple answer to this is that Susan knew the guy was on to her and she didn’t want him to get his hands on any proof. As it turns out, that doesn’t matter because a still shot of the slip clearly shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign symbol, as well as how to “learn more about Hillary Clinton.”

In the video she claims the flyer is a “pledge to vote for Hillary,” and then the camera guy cuts her off. The rest of her explanation matters not though, because now the truth is out there for the world to see. She is breaking Nevada state law. She has committed a felony.

Berman was in Las Vegas because she was directed to be there, no doubt by someone from within the Clinton campaign.

Will this Hillary Clinton supporter, who was committing voter fraud on the streets of Las Vegas, be held accountable for her obvious crime? Or will she be treated like the person she’s advocating for, and get away breaking the law?

[Image by Lightspring/Shuttershock]