Taylor Swift’s Diet: How The Singer Shakes Off Those Pounds

Since Taylor Swift has been spotted at the gym a lot during her downtime, everyone wants to know what the singer is doing to stay in shape. Finally, her complete daily fitness plan and diet have been revealed.

Taylor Swift, 26, has been spotted in various workout attire whenever she’s going to the gym in Los Angeles or New York. Swift very rarely talks about her diet and workout plan in interviews. Instead, she’s often asked about her A-list squad, her street style, or her relationships. Now, a new report from Foods4BetterHealth revealed Swift’s diet and workout routine.

The “Out of the Woods” singer likes to start off her day with a protein-packed breakfast. Swift will often eat buckwheat pancakes topped with ham, parmesan cheese, and a fried egg. She will sometimes opt for a glass of orange juice and cereal, according to a previous report from Delish. Throughout the week, Swift will eat plenty of salads, fish, and chicken sandwiches with some lavender lemonade. She also likes to stay hydrated by drinking up to 10 bottles of water per day.

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On the weekends, however, Swift will indulge in some of her favorite foods like pizza, hot dogs, and cookies. Swift has even taken a health-conscious approaching to dining by opting for gluten-free pizza and red wine at New York hotspot L’asso, notes the report. Swift is also known to bake some sweet treats in the kitchen, such as cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies. During her Fourth of July bash, she made mustard-roasted fish and flag cake.

The singer is always on the road whether she’s on tour or she’s traveling around the world with her famous boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. Swift keeps herself full by opting for shakes. She even has a special drink made for her by Dr. Oz called the “Swift Shake,” which includes dried cranberries, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

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When it comes to her workouts, Swift often goes running and hiking. Sometimes, she’ll switch it up and use the treadmill or elliptical machine. Swift used to work out with her model friends, including BFF Karlie Kloss, in which they would do SoulCycle, Pilates, ballet, and ModelFit, according to a 2014 report via Us Weekly.

Nowadays, the singer works out with her boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston, to stay in shape, according to another Foods4BetterHealth report. Earlier this month, Just Jared reported that the couple got in a quick workout session together in West Hollywood, California. However, Swift and Hiddleston were seen entering and leaving the gym separately.

Sources previously told the Mirror that Hiddleston was on a strict diet in order to buff up for the role of James Bond. Hiddleston has been rumored to become the next 007 and has started a protein-packed diet so he can get into better shape.

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“Hiddleston is already bulking up for the Bond role on a special diet,” an insider behind Eon productions told the tabloid. “His new physique has been noticed by the bosses who now have him at the top of their list to replace Daniel.”

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His new diet would not allow him to eat pasta and bread. But it seems similar to Swift’s diet plan, in which she eats everything in moderation. Swift’s diet and workout plan show that she’s worked hard, especially whenever she’s bikini ready.


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According to an article via GQ, Hiddleston maintains his focus at the gym by wearing all-black workout attire. That’s why you never see him switch it up like Ms. Swift. By focusing on his fitness technique rather than his appearance, he can help improve his workout regimen. Looks like some of Swift’s health habits have rubbed off on the actor.

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