‘General Hospital’ Speculation: Who Is Nelle, Josslyn’s Kidney Donor?

Fans of General Hospital are really curious about the new girl, Nelle. She has joined the show because it has been revealed that she is Josslyn’s kidney donor. Nelle was around town for a bit, but it is obvious she will be around on General Hospital once in a while.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared that there is a lot of speculation about who Nelle could be. Nothing is ever easy on General Hospital, and it doesn’t seem like Nelle is just someone who gave a kidney to Josslyn after her parents were paid off.

The most important thing to figure out about Nelle on General Hospital is who her parents happen to be. Nelle’s parents could explain why she gave Josslyn her kidney or the reason that Nelle was such a good match for her. Jax is acting really suspicious, and he doesn’t want Nelle to know the details of how she got her kidney. At first, Jax didn’t even want them to find her, but now that they have, he says that Nelle won’t be a problem. General Hospital fans are speculating like crazy about who Nelle could really be.

Carly and Nelle have a great connection, and some General Hospital fans are speculating that they could be family. It is even possible that Nelle could be Carly’s daughter. That would be a great twist and a good way to keep Nelle around on General Hospital. Back in 2008, Carly had a miscarriage but was pretty far along at the time. If the baby really did survive, this could be Nelle. That was only eight years ago, but Josslyn aged, and everyone knows that time isn’t the same as real life on General Hospital.

Another rumor running around is that Nelle belongs to Jax in some way. She could have been the daughter of Courtney Mathews and Jax from when they were together. This would explain Carly having a connection to her. The General Hospital writers could have also made Jax have an affair or something that nobody knows about, and Nelle is the product of this time in his life. If she was Josslyn’s sister, that would make Nelle a great chance to be the perfect match for her kidney donor.

One other thing that could end up happening is that General Hospital changed history. They are known to do this, and viewers could find out that Nelle is someone they didn’t even know existed but the show acts like they should have known already. Another thing that General Hospital could do is decide to just give up on the storyline and never visit it again. There are times that they do this, and fans wonder if they will ever come back to that story again. Nelle’s story could end up being one of these possibilities.

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared that viewers haven’t seen the last of Nelle on General Hospital. Nelle will volunteer to help Carly today, and she will have to decide if she can trust her already or not. Michael Corinthos also seems as though he might be a bit interested in Nelle. Since it also looked like he was getting back with Sabrina again, only time will tell what ends up happening there. If Michael and Nelle connect, that would be another great reason for her to stick around on General Hospital for a bit longer.

Are you surprised to see that Carly found Josslyn’s kidney donor? Who do you think Nelle really is on General Hospital? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.

[Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]