Brandi Glanville Now Getting Support Over Drinking: Fans Rally Around Former ‘RHOBH’ Star

Brandi Glanville faced some harsh criticism while she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a few years ago because she always wanted to speak her mind. Brandi didn’t hold back when she saw something that wasn’t right, and she lost a few friends due to her outspoken personality.

Before Glanville left the show behind, she decided to confront Lisa Vanderpump, and Brandi was quickly labeled as someone who couldn’t control herself after drinking wine. She was slammed as a bad mother and was devastated. After leaving the show behind, Glanville has been working on her newest business ventures, and it sounds like people are changing their minds about this single mother.

According to a new Instagram post, Brandi Glanville is now getting support from her Instagram followers after posting a picture of her two bestselling books and some wine. This week, Glanville revealed that she was going on an animal safari with some friends and would be having some wine with some girlfriends.

“Going to Malibu for a wine safari with friends! 3 things I love my friends animals & of course wine,” Brandi Glanville revealed in the Instagram post, sharing the picture with her books and the wine.

In the past, people would have freaked out over her sharing pictures of wine, sharing that she was a bad mother and that she needed help with her drinking. It was so easy for people to judge her when she was on the show because Brandi really didn’t hold back when it came to her feelings. However, Glanville is focusing on her business ventures these days, including expanding her line of wines and working on her podcast show. And surprisingly, people are coming to Glanville’s defense on social media. One person had written a harsh comment to Brandi, but it was deleted shortly after. But some people took notice and wrote back in Glanville’s defense.

“A woman who builds a successful business while being a single mother can enjoy a glass of wine every once in a while. Don’t let a reality show editing room define who she is. Is it okay for me to call you a drunk if you have a bottle of wine your house? No it isn’t. Because what you drink is none of my business. And it doesn’t define you. But what you say does. And you said something offensive to a women you don’t even know. Even if she was a drunk it’s not half as worse as being an offensive person like you are,” one person wrote, tagging the person who had written the harsh comment to Brandi.

A good handful of people were curious about Glanville’s next book. While she hasn’t talked too much about a third book, it is clear that people would love to read another book from this bestselling author. And one person even had a great idea for a book.

“I read both also! I felt like I’ve had similar dating experiences minus the Hollywood glam!” one person replied to Brandi Glanville, while another wrote, “Hey Brandi will we ever see a third book? Maybe a housewives tell all?!”

But Glanville may not be interested in writing a tell-all book about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills experiences. According to the Daily Mail, Glanville could be thinking about a return to the show soon. While she reveals that she’s enjoying her time away from the toxic reality show, she hasn’t closed the door completely on possibly returning. Last season, Brandi filmed a few scenes with her friend, Yolanda Hadid, but since Yolanda isn’t on this particular season of the show, Glanville reveals that she won’t be making any cameo appearances.

What do you think of Brandi Glanville getting support over her drinking these days? What do you think made people change their minds about her?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]