WWE News: More On Nikki Bella’s WWE Return At SummerSlam

It’s very rare in the WWE that a superstar or diva improves so much that he or she is nearly unrecognizable in the ring. Sometimes, gimmicks change so much that they are truly different. However, that’s not what this writer is talking about in the WWE. The topic of conversation is how much in-ring ability one can attain just by working hard and doing great work when the cameras aren’t on. That’s the true ability of what the “brass ring” can be when someone is dedicated enough.

Nikki Bella, former-Divas champion, used to be a model in the WWE. She was the prototypical diva. Bella had the looks, personality and attitude of a diva in Vince McMahon’s world. He didn’t want women’s wrestling to be in the forefront of his promotion. That’s why Nikki and Brie Bella weren’t utilized properly. It’s not like either woman could go against the grain, and what were they able to say? It was the Divas Era, not the women’s wrestling era.

Bella Twins
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The picture above is the epitome of their ascension in the WWE. Nikki and Brie worked diligently to gain the respect of the WWE Universe. They did and it helped their careers unfold in front of everyone’s eyes. Brie wasn’t the wrestler that Nikki is, but she could hold her own in the ring and had a certain aura surrounding her. The storyline with Stephanie McMahon did have the WWE Universe on their feet, partially because Stephanie was a monster heel.

Nikki ended up having a record-long Divas title reign until succumbing to a serious neck injury. It was a big question if she could ever wrestle again. It was devastating news for Nikki, who worked daily to get back in the ring and improve. Luckily, she was able to get cleared by WWE doctors and returned at WWE SummerSlam. Nikki Bella reacted to her illustrious WWE return.

In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Nikki was cleared for competition just a week before SummerSlam. It came as a great surprise to WWE officials because of Eva Marie’s recent suspension. They got very lucky at the timing of it all. So, Nikki’s return wasn’t as big of a surprise as it could’ve been. However, when watching SummerSlam, it truly didn’t matter. Nikki is booked as a heel who is good at her gimmick on screen.

However, it was very hard to mask the raw emotion when the Brooklyn crowd popped for the returning woman. It was a special moment that those who were watching won’t forget. Nikki got the win with a new finisher, because her Rack Attack was banned following her injury. It’s more of a Rack Attack, turned into a neckbreaker.

Kharma Bellas
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This could be great news for Smackdown Live as well. She did return for the blue brand’s match at SummerSlam. Along with Becky Lynch, Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella can add a lot of legitimacy to their Women’s division.

Tuesday nights are supposed to debut a new Women’s title soon. Her and Lynch would be a great first program for the Women’s strap. WWE fans will finally admit it’s good to have Nikki Bella back.

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