Leonardo DiCaprio’s Penis Stars In New Canadian Art Exhibit

Leonardo DiCaprio’s penis is now shown as part of an art exhibit, according to Toronto Life. Two Canadian illustrators have recently showcased their new art exhibit called “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls.”

In their art exhibit, which runs through August 31 at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, Jennifer Ilett and Sabrina Parolin offered a unique look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s life and acting career.

Explaining their art gallery, Parolin said she fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio after seeing Romeo and Juliet, while her partner, Ilett, said seeing the actor in Titanic made her experience “sexual awakening.”

“We wanted to do something that captured the nostalgia and the role Leo played in our own childhoods and the childhoods of our whole generation.”

Their art gallery explores Leonardo DiCaprio’s life from his early days in The Basketball Diaries to his most recent film The Revenant, for which the 41-year-old actor won his first Academy Award earlier this year.

But the highlight of the art exhibit may very well be Leonardo DiCaprio’s penis. Explaining the image, on which an overweight version of Leonardo DiCaprio is pictured without any clothing and with his penis and pubic hair, Parolin explained that she was inspired by Titanic. In particular, it was the memorable scene in Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character draws Kate Winslet. But in the image, Parolin replaced DiCaprio with Winslet, who showed her breasts in that scene.

“I think it really captures the spirit of the project, which is very tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be a very serious fine art project.”

And drawing Leonardo DiCaprio’s penis is certainly the best way to show that the art exhibit is not “a very serious” project. But the most challenging part of the project wasn’t drawing DiCaprio’s penis but visualizing his character in The Great Gatsby.

“It took the longest to complete, partly because The Great Gatsby is such a visually stimulating movie, and there are so many things that you could decide to draw.”

The art exhibit also includes Leonardo DiCaprio’s most recent project, The Revenant, which won three Oscars earlier this year, for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Cinematography. In the image, DiCaprio’s character is pictured looking afraid of the cute-looking bear. In the film, that bear, which looked nowhere near as cute, almost killed Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. However, the Canadian illustrators thought it would be funny to have DiCaprio looking bloody and scared for his life, while the bear is looking cute and harmless.

Parolin also revealed that although she wasn’t together with Ilett at the time, they were “geeking out over text” when Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar during the Academy Awards ceremony earlier this year.

“We thought about doing an Oscar-winner Leo for the exhibit. Maybe next time. We were about halfway through this project when he won, so we were very excited.”

In other news, American Psycho was a huge hit, but it could it have been an even bigger hit if Leonardo DiCaprio had played the main part instead of Christian Bale? The author of the novel, Bret Easton Ellis, has recently revealed that the Revenant actor was interested in playing the role of Patrick Bateman, according to Movie News Guide.

But the problem with Leonardo DiCaprio’s casting was that the Oscar-winning actor wanted Oliver Stone to direct it. But Ellis wanted Mary Harron to direct it, and so they went with Christian Bale.

Bale had to fight for the role of vain psycho murderer not only with Leonardo DiCaprio but also with Brad Pitt. But there were creative differences among the film’s creators, so the project was stalled and Pitt couldn’t star in the film anymore.

[Photo by Vince Bucci/Invision/AP Images]