Misty Morse, Brent Huck: 'Swamp Murders' -- Body Found Floating In Indian River Was Missing Woman On Investigation Discovery Tonight

Traciy Reyes

Misty Morse was a beautiful 22-year old woman who went missing and was later found dead in the Indian River 16 years ago. Misty's sad story will be recounted on ID's Swamp Murders. In the Investigation Discovery episode, "Misty River," a retired judge is baffled to find a dead body floating in the lagoon outside his home. As detectives race to find out the woman's identity, they discover that rumors of a pregnancy, a massage parlor, and a wealthy son may be tied to the case.

"Shortly after midnight on July 20, 2000, the victim's mother heard the victim showering and drying her hair in preparation for going out. She later heard the victim's phone ring twice and heard her talking on the phone. The victim left the house, and told her mother that she would see her in the morning. The victim's mother left for work at about 3:00 a.m., and would never see her daughter alive again."

This information shocked law enforcement officials who believed that Morse worked as a waitress. Misty Morse was also seeing more than one man. But, police were able to clear them all as suspects, except her ex-boyfriend Brent Huck.

Brent Huck's anger about Misty possibly being pregnant was puzzling since police knew that he was still having sex with her. The truth became clearer when it was revealed that Brent Huck had a new girlfriend, which was why he desired to keep his sexual relationship with Misty Morse a secret.


Brent Huck was arrested and convicted of Misty's murder. He was sentenced to two life sentences. To see the story as it happened, watch Swamp Murders this Tuesday, August 23, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. In the previous episode of Swamp Murders, they featured the case of Kimra Lynn Riley.